Legends of Perm — the entrance to a parallel world

February 20, 2012 17:55

According to one legend, in Perm was born the prophet Zarathustra. And the city, which is on the Kama River, appeared 280 years ago. In those places where formerly pagan shrines and temples, then often put the Christian churches — they were considered "places of power." A majority of experts in the field of the paranormal believe that these places are open "pass" to parallel worlds and dimensions.
There on the banks of the Kama one house located on Ordzhonikidze Street, which was owned by a merchant Meshkov. Nikolai Meshkov was attracted to the female sex, he had defiled many young meschanok. Some give birth to his illegitimate children, and to escape the shame babies tossed to the door papashinogo mansion. Foundlings discovered, the merchant gave to shelters. But sometimes the child time to die from the cold before it shows up on the porch.

Now, at night in the house often heard moaning and crying. Rumor has it that it ruined Meshkov children and women.

Not far from the house is the former bishop Meshkov complex. Now in its buildings located museum, which has an art gallery, a zoo cage. Once on the site Cathedral with several outbuildings, and when it was the graveyard, where the final resting find prominent people of the city — high-ranking officials, clergy, doctors. In the 20 Bolsheviks expelled "clergy" and the cemetery was destroyed, destroying fences and burial tombs. In its place was arranged zoo. Since then, the old-timers say that the souls of the dead can not find rest. In the empty halls of the museum often hear strange noises and footsteps, but from the street can sometimes be seen wandering in the windows of the light.

Sometimes bringing museum employees see ladies dressed in black, as well as a monk. About the last say this cathedral, Archbishop Andronicus, who was brutally killed by red commissioners. He was forced to dig his own grave and then covered with earth still alive. Now Archbishop walks with a sad face to the museum.

The city archives contain records that during the founding of the city in 1723, there is now the river station, was a monastic hermitage, and not far from it ancient wooden idol, two meters high. Perhaps it was a symbol of Chernobog, whose cult for centuries existed in the territory of the future city of Perm. Was there an underground temple of the deity.

And in Glyadenovskogo kostischa in autumn 2002 was excavated underground sanctuary, which archaeologists have discovered in the XIX century. Then the scientists were able to determine that it was built between VI and XVI centuries AD. During excavations found a large number of religious objects and products of local craftsmen.

As it turned out, the mountain was Glyadenovskaya tiered structure, similar to a pyramid. At its base was a monastic cell, and kept inside a tunnel, which was half swamped.

There in the entrance to the old dungeon, which is located in the Gallery. It is located in the basement of a two-story house, which was rebuilt after a major fire in the XIX century. They say that there is another shrine. A few years ago there penetrated a few locals.

The underground passage ended vaulted tunnel that was lined with red brick. He ran into the wall, lined with rubble. It showed a small break, and after it opened a long gallery, similar to its older tunnel. Stones there were covered with some white coating — whether the mold, or moss. Inside was a strange, slightly sour smell. Gallery went down, turning into a spacious hall. At its center the guys noticed a stone dais, which is shaped like an altar.

The walls were covered with carved symbols and drawings. On one of them was an old man holding a crooked stick in his hands, he was surrounded by crows and ants, as well as many bones and skulls. From the hall came out a few more moves. From one felt a draft, apparently, was another close to the surface. And then suddenly there came a rustling and strange sounds. Rays of light in the dark silhouette of the lanterns and two huge red eyes wide apart.

Yelled one of the Diggers' werewolves! ". The people so-called turnover, which can take the form of a wolf. The boys dropped their gear and headed back. One of the guys who crawled the last unseen beast caught and tried to draw to yourself. He miraculously managed to escape and return to the surface.

Also often talk about white tailless rat, huge size, which makes it difficult to get into diggers abandoned mines Motovilikha. Rumored to be there when the — that was the refuge of robbers, the gang foreheads, who hunted in the XIX century. Local historians say that there can be found underground halls lined with carpet in which the gang kept their prey. Until now, many hunters try to find treasures "wicked" people.

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