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September 11, 2012 10:40

Sterling residents have no doubt that the road to Witch ghosts that destroy people, and prefer not to go there

In northeast Colorado in Logan County is a small town with a population of Sterling 10,000 people. It is located on the banks of the Platte River Sauce at 1 200 m above sea level. In the 50's of last century in the nearby valley of oil was discovered, and the city became a major transportation hub, there are offices of some oil companies. The area around Stirling is very picturesque. Covered with thick pine forest hills, picturesque cliffs, karst caves, rivers attract fans of active recreation. There are in the vicinity of a mysterious place called Witch's ravine.

At the edge of the ravine is a side road, called Witch. It connects Sterling and Griswold small town. The road turns into a street Griswold and outside the settlement goes to the asphalt road, which is called the Stone Hill Road. Five kilometers from Griswold road crosses the federal highway number 201.

Witch road goes through dense forest. They say that in this area once the two women found their death. One was a witch named Maud, she was buried in a ravine, which from that time became known as witches'. Another — an Indian woman named Silent Water. In front of her British soldier killed her husband and children. Quiet Water grabbed tomahawk and accurate throw to thrust a deadly weapon in the back of the killer. Then another British soldier shot her. Now the ghosts of the two women sometimes appear on the Witch road.

Maude was buried along with her magical belongings, which included silver goblets, plates and knives. At the beginning of XX century the tomb was plundered by looters Maud, hunting for silver. After this restless spirit Maude wanders through the neighborhood. Water is too quiet here stray, night travelers hear her shrill sobs.

Now the Witch ravine filled with water, so there was a small lake. On the one hand it closes stone wall height of one meter and a length of twenty meters. Who and what has built this wall is unknown. Just behind the wall begins Pachaug Forest.

Near Witch road and in the woods Pachaug people disappear and strange events occur, for this reason these places have a bad name.

The first sad story happened in 1920. Two girls in love with one guy, lumberjack. Rumor has it that it was a love spell. He walked and with one and the other, the two girls become pregnant soon. And once the locals found the two girls in the woods Pachaug. They hung on a nearby tree. And the guy that disappeared after their suicide.

The accident occurred in 1929. Year-old boy fell into a ravine Witch and broke his neck. He was the favorite child of the family Warner. Head of the family, the chief station of Stirling, long dreamed of his son. However, his wife gave birth to some girls. In all, the four Warner had six daughters. Finally, at age 39 Sarah Warner delivered a boy, named Hercules. Hercules quite lived up to its name, was not for years have grown and developed, and played with the older boys. With them he went to the Witch's ravine. And his father, Howard Warner, after the death of Hercules mad.

In the 1930-1950's, the forest in Pachaug lost, at least five people. Mutilated corpses of two hunters found on the river Platte sauce. Apparently, they broke the bear. Bears sometimes come to the district from areas north of Logan. The rest of the body of the missing have not been found.

Incredible event occurred in the forest in 1969. Local ranger Ralph McNamara most of the time he lived in the forest. He set traps for foxes and shoot the moose to keep their numbers are normal. McNamara, burly, bearded man, had a faithful dog, sheepdog, known as Gray. One night Gray terrible howl, and McNamara decided that wolves roam nearby. The next day he went to look for their tracks and Gray took with him. The dog would not want to come out of the hut, but obeyed his master.

In the forest, Ralph heard the crunch of twigs, as if making his way through the thicket people. Gray suddenly lurched to the side and more master's seen him. He was looking for a dog for several months, searched every bump in the woods, but found no trace. Since then, the hunter no one recognized. He became angry and dark, refusing to bring another dog. And once he was gone and Ralph. His corpse was found the next spring, when the snow has melted, close to the Witch of the road. The corpse missing hands and feet, someone had carefully cut off or sawed off. Sheriff has conducted an investigation, but did find out I could not.

Witch road is very winding, narrow and pitted with potholes. In winter it is covered with ice. For this reason, every year during the winter months on the road are road accidents, sometimes fatal. When leaving the Sterling is a sign warning drivers that the road is intended only for vehicles owned forestry. Despite having a good pass road, many drivers prefer to go through the forest to cut the way to Griswold and highways. Local residents say that the reason for the frequent road accidents are not so icy ruts as ghosts Maude and still water.

This hypothesis is supported by the story of Gerald Rawlinson, who was lucky to survive after his truck overturned in a ditch. "I was carrying wood on the wagon of Forestry. I needed to get to the highway. I grew up in these parts, a hundred times traveled to Witch way, I know there every bump, and despite the heavy load, I decided to go a short way. I should note that I do not believe in mysticism and all the stories about the ghosts of the dead Indian and a local witch.

On that tragic day in the morning the sun was, but as soon as I turned into the forest to Witch road, the sky suddenly clouded over, and put ice pellets. For October was unusual. Strong wind. Motor trucks worked smoothly, although I recently went through it. I have a bad mood, and there was a strange sense of impending disaster. Approximately forty minutes later, I saw a figure in the distance through the snow on the roadside. I slowed down and soon saw a woman in a long gray robe. She came to the middle of the road. I signaled, but it was gone, I hit the brakes …

Heavy machine continued to roll to a stop. I realized that a collision is unavoidable, and turned the wheel as he could. At the last moment I saw that instead of the head of a woman naked skull, but instead face the empty eye sockets and teeth bared. Then I do not remember anything. "

Gerald woke up in the hospital. He's got some complex fractures of arms and legs and a concussion. Police officers from the traffic police said that he was incredibly lucky. A Rawlinson since not doubt the existence of ghosts.

At the beginning of XX century the tomb was plundered by looters Maud, hunting for silver. After this restless spirit roams the neighborhood Maud

Rawlinson truck accident occurred in October 1999. In the next two months, two truck overturned on the road Witch. Drivers do not have survived. The authorities have decided to close the road for the winter months — from October to March. Placed at the entrance prohibiting sign. For travel from the violators charge a fee. But that did not stop those who want to take shortcuts, and accidents continue to occur. However, the risks are mainly outsiders. Sterling residents have no doubt that the road to Witch ghosts that destroy people, and prefer not to go there.

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