Lessons interest

Do you remember the day when your daughter went to the first class? White bows, a huge bouquet of flowers, the first call, the first five … It seems that it was only yesterday. And today she is almost an adult's place of bows and dresses took ripped jeans and colorful t-shirts, and she has a lot of different and, of course, very important things. Where here to think about school? Loss of interest in learning — the problem, of course, a serious, but still there are several ways to solve the puzzle on the top five.

The better, the more?

The simplest solution, which often turn moms — to promote educational success with gifts. Daughter want a laptop? Excellent, but it needs to finish the school year with a maximum of two fours. The main thing — periodically remind your child of the game is still worth it, so it is better to miss a couple of walks with her friends to pull up swot geography and English. By the way, the attitude to the laptop, resulting from such proceedings will be different than if you just gave it to my daughter.

Teaching — entertainment

Have you noticed that daughter bored at the mere mention of physics, history or work? Try to put aside their textbooks and look at the problem from a different angle. To start podkinte her a couple of fascinating historical films. Or a book about the history of dress in different eras. Or try to spend at home with a few fun "lessons" of labor: bake pizza, carve out and sew the original bag or a skirt. In the end, illustrative examples and fascinating — the best way to attract attention and cause interest.

Less control — the results of the above

Unbelievable, but true: many teens refuse to learn just because mom is too hard so require. So if you allow your daughter to be a little more independent and responsible for their evaluation, it may encourage its responsible approach to learning.

The school and only

Lessons interestAnd finally, remember the age of your daughter. She just-only beginning to grow up and turn into a girl, her body is changing, but there is also such "news" as the critical days. Hence — the discomfort and uncertainty, mood swings and carelessness. That is why at such moments she ever needed my mother's care and understanding, and not the reproach of low ratings.

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