Life in the queue for currency


Despite the fact that the Belarusian ruble last week depreciated by almost 30 percent, the currency in banks did not appear. To get even a small amount in dollars or euros, people are forced to stand outside the exchange points for a few weeks.

Near one of the currency exchangers in the building of the railway station there is a turn. It does not move. Near the entrance to the exchanger — raskidnyya seat, in which two young men, Igor and Oleg. They do not refuse to talk to:

Reporter: "Are you here about why exchanger — trying to get the money?".

Igor: "Of course. Spend time here for days — if not live here. "

Oleg: "Honestly — chair is delivered. And here we eat, and sleep, and myemsya. "

The correspondent of "What need you forced to wait currency? '.

Igor: "I have a private business — the purchase of goods. After all, if purchased from someone else — it's a wild course. And so at a loss to work, you just will not. "

Oleg: "For rent needed — a lot of different needs and nuances. So we have to live here. "

Reporter: "How long?".

Igor: "Oh, the fourth day at the moment."

The correspondent of "What have you purchased?".

Oleg: "So far, nothing."

Reporter: "What do you think — if This situation change for the better? ".

Igor: "Very difficult to say. It seems to me, that a lot of the time it will take the situation in the country stabilizes. "

Oleg: "Imports exceeded exports by $ 2.5 billion — from currency to take? '.

Igor and Oleg said that several times they tried to drive away from the heat exchangers police even took away the passport. But talk about it on tape and refuse to explain, we are still working. Soon the boys fit two more of their neighbors in the queue — Vyacheslav and Victor, who are eager to join the conversation:

Vyacheslav: "In no money exchangers — how everything was, and remains. We buy it, people pass ".

The correspondent of "How many sit? '.

Victor: "No, not much."

Reporter: "Do you often spend time near the exchangers, and are trying to buy?".

Vyacheslav, "Well, how much? For the past two weeks here are on duty to buy the necessary amount. Have been living in this cave two weeks. "

Reporter: "And where did you spend the night as eat? '.

Victor: "On top of a dining room is, here, hot dogs are sold. Left home at eight o'clock to sleep and back to all not to lose. "

Correspondent "Because here and turn there?".

Vyacheslav: "Yes — 600 people — up to the month of August."

Reporter: "And as it is held — a list is? '.

Victor: "Yes, we, adnachaemsya if anyone says — to strike out."

Reporter: "Who is involved? Any specific people have? . "

Vyacheslav: "The first five guys — here we are in control, so that no one entered the queue. Five people adkuplyalisya — go — fit the following — here This situation we have. "

The correspondent of "And how long has it lasted?".

Victor: "Well, how much? More than a month. "

Vyacheslav: "And it will still be as currency in the banks will not — it's one hundred percent. And if it appears, it was immediately swept away, as our Belarusian ruble was worthless. "

Reporter: "What do you think about why it happened? '.

Victor: "Wrong economic policies in the country."

Vyacheslav: "Missing Belarusian miracle."

Igor: "In fact, during the election campaign, the president promised to raise salaries — has increased, and this was at a loss — that's all."

Vyacheslav: "Once again we have come to where we started."

Igor: "By 1993".

Goodbye to the guys agreed to answer questions if I come to talk to them in a week.

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