Lithuania and Belarus advantageous to have a common plant

Lithuania and Belarus, who are planning to build new nuclear power stations should have chosen a more cost-effective option, and build a common base of the Ignalina nuclear power plant nuclear power plant. This opinion of the Chairman of the Confederation of Lithuanian Industrialists Lubis, — the portal

"If the two governments have found enough common sense NPP would stand in Ignalina, which is on the border of Lithuania and Belarus. At this point could to build the Lithuanian-Belarusian or Belarusian-Lithuanian plant, "- said in a speech at the opening of the Lithuanian-Belarusian economic forum in Druskininkai B.Lubis.

According to B.Lubisa, neighboring countries would be much better to have a common plant.

"Lithuania has already and so at this point wants to build, Belarus also wants to build the plant, so that the most cost-effective option for both countries would be to build a common plant where she was standing. Topics more than that half of the lake Drukshay — Drisvyaty belongs to Belarus. Maybe someone this idea may seem theoretical, but from an economic point of view it is the best option for both countries, "- said the president of the confederation.

He admitted that the idea was not his — this proposal has already been made public in Lithuania, but has not received a response. He is supported by the mayor of Vilnius Arturas Zuokas.

Lithuania plans for 10 years to build a nuclear power plant in Visaginas. The project will engage a large foreign company, as well as the governments of the three Baltic states and Poland.

Official Lithuanian authorities do not approve construction of a nuclear power plant in Belarus, which is planning to build 55 km from Vilnius to Ostrovetsky area.

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