Litigation Vitebsk Tell the Truth activists stopped


Compiled two months ago, the protocols for the illegal distribution of printed materials Judge Vladislav Shikarov was not seen as a reason for punishment.

In the Court was only Lydia Sagidulina. Her friend Galina Bogdanova is in a sanatorium outside the country. According to Lydia, April 30, the day of the minutes, both of them detained by police near the railway station.

Ladies returned from Minsk. Police patrol, as shown by witness Egor Bobrowski, that morning conducted a raid against illegal transportation of alcohol. Why note were two women with small plastic bags, the police officer did not explain. But as soon as the packages were seen balls with the logo of the "Tell the Truth" and booklets with portrait Vladimir Neklyaeva, the mistress of things Galina Bogdanovay and its companion Lydia Sagidullin immediately taken to the railway police station.

There also was drawn up under Article 22.9 — for the illegal distribution of printed materials.

The referee Vladislav Shikarov stopped the case against the activists, even after listening to the views Lydia Sagidullin that no leaflets, or a fortiori balloons periodic prints are not. Now Mrs. Sagidulina plans to ensure that the police returned the confiscated propaganda production of "Tell the Truth."


Tell the truth, Sagidulina

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