Living Toys

March 25, 2012 12:05

Modern science does not deny the influence of the mind on physical matter. We can give substance to move, just by looking at him. But we do not notice.

Living Toys

To change the visible results in only super-power energy. Events that are often taught in the context of political, economic and natural disasters, in fact, largely explicable in the context of spiritual processes in society, or as fishing Higher Powers.

Materialization of psychic energy is varied. Psychic-energy pulses can lead to changes in the operation of computers. According to experts, the reliability of electronic devices depends on the mental energy operators.

If a person, for example, sits down at the computer in a nervous state, the probability of a failure in the system increases. In addition, the computer often gets used to one person and refuses to work with other [I. Shlionskaya. Contact the parallel world. — Rostov-on-Don: Science Press, 2006].

Under the influence of psychic energy is often children's toys come to life. In the absence of the owners drive their own cars on the floor, the planes fly from one room to another, plastic or tin soldiers marching on the table [Sergey Dunayev. Revived soldiers / / Secrets XX century. — 2010. — № 34. — S. 32-33].

In this case, we are confronted with the ability to make an immediate physical work, in particular, to move light objects the energy of thought, that is, with what is usually defined as telekinesis.

? Telekinesis (cf. Greek words tele — «far, far away" and kineo — «cite the movement") — is a person's ability to move objects in space without mechanical impact on them, that is the power of thought or with psychic energy. That's why telekinesis is also called psychokinesis.

Szhivayas with toys, the child is always thinking about them, present them during the game, he imagines, dreams, using images of toys in his mind, while focusing in a particular direction and at specific sites his mental energy in the form of repetitive pulses.

As a result, Toys "come alive" because they and their masters do not exist in isolation, but as a system in a certain area. By changing his mind a separate part of the system space, the person causes shifts at its other sites.

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