Loch Ness monster again photographed

August 4, 2012 18:05

Mysterious inhabitant of the depths of Loch Ness again "lit up" in front of the camera. Military experts have recognized that the picture shows a "living thing."

Photo: dailymail.co.uk

In the UK, published another photo of the famous Loch Ness monster. Snapshot of a strange object over the curved surface of the lake belongs to the owner dinghy George Edwards, writes The Sun.

According to Edwards, a mysterious creature was moving slowly through the water to the castle Urquhart — places not seen Nessie. Ten minutes later a man was watching "monster", after which he disappeared under the water and did not reappear.

George Edwards: "It slowly swam across the lake to the Castle Urquhart and it was dark gray. It was far enough away from the boat — about half a mile, but the exact distance to the water is controversial. I am convinced that he saw Nessie, because I believe in these creatures. There are too many people to meet them. I'm sure a few monsters live here. "

Edwards did not show a long shot, because I wanted to make sure that there is not a log. He got in touch with my American friends, and they showed photos of military experts to the United States. Verdict was encouraging: the object was a living thing.

George Edwards: "I was delighted, I am sure that in the depths of Loch Ness hiding mysterious creatures."

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