Lower cost and better properties

Russian fighter 5th generation should be significantly cheaper than the South American F-22, but surpasses it in combat abilities, said Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov, Chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission under the Government of the Russian Federation, at a retreat at the Central Institute of Aviation Motors.

Open a discussion at the meeting questions of creation of a promising aviation complex tactical aircraft, motor development as the second step for this aircraft. At the current time fighter 5th generation held ground and flight tests with the engine first step schedule.

Currently combat aircraft 5th generation serially performed exclusively in the United States — is the F-22 "Raptor", which cost 390 million dollars. Sergei Ivanov said that the ability of such machines is largely determined by the parameters of its engine. It aims to provide a promising aviation complex tactical aviation supersonic cruise flight, low signature, superior maneuverability, efficiency and effectiveness of the implementation totality of all weapons.

Technology acquired in the development of a new aircraft engine for the aircraft 5th generation, will be used in combat and in civilian aviation, said Deputy Prime Minister.

"It is necessary at an early date to elect the head performer development engine for the aircraft 5th generation and begin to create it "- said Sergey Ivanov.

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