Lukashenka of Belarus — just not the best copy of the former Soviet system …

On the current society in Belarus, the most noteworthy events and phenomena of recent times, as well as the historical parallels — many letters in the May-mail "Freedom".

I will begin today's discussion with one of the messages on the this topic, who sent Alexander Pavlovich of Grodno. He writes:

"Keep watching the events in Belarus. It hurts my heart for our long-suffering people. For centuries it has been oppressed by foreigners and still can not become masters in their own land. What is now committed on our people, on the culture and language — is not new in history. It was already in the 30s of the last century, only now there is a small correction at a time. Today the Belarusian model — not the invention of Lukashenko. It's just not a good copy of the former Soviet systemy.A and because its fate befall the same thing befell the Soviet Union. It's bound to happen. And I think that the wait is not that long. "

The fact that Belarus has attempted such a small restoration of the USSR in its modernized version of the Chinese manner — talk and write a lot. The authorities themselves by their attitude to the Soviet communist past confirms this. The most recent example — the order of Alexander Lukashenko to take a sample of the policy of the Soviet General Secretary Andropov, the establishment of order and discipline in the factories and offices. What kind of example? Many remember how in 1983 and early 1984, the police forces have been thrown out to identify truants and discipline violators of those in work time standing in line at the store or go to the movies. Now, I suppose, parasites, speculators and truants will be looking at the many queues at bank currency exchange. The benefit of accurate lists are carried out there — so do not have to search long.

A topic that continues to excite and disturb many in Belarus — Causes and consequences of the explosion on April 11 in Minsk subway, which brought numerous casualties. Here he writes about our listener Ales Jackiewicz from Vitebsk:

"I went to the crosswalk. Nearby are two girls who are 13-14 years old at the most. One of them is smoking. Began to cross the street. An elderly man who was walking towards, could not resist, expressed the comment: "Such a small — and already smoke". You should have seen the reaction of girls: the crazy eyes full of wonder and wild laughter after him. This — the generation that grew up in conditions of Lukashenka, so to speak, "stability and prosperity." I remember the Soviet times. See an elderly woman who smokes, for me, then it was a big surprise. And today harness green children. And this infection is increasing, in my opinion, in a geometric progression.

A terrorist attack in Minsk that rocked whole world? He that has no roots? Let the president himself — he may really believe that all the problems at the state level can be solved with a single blow on the head with the stick. But that think they are experts from the ministries of education, culture, health care? To learn how to properly conduct elections?

People desperate and psychologically prone to suicide. These can take the terrorist attack. For them, anyway — where, what, who destroy …

In general, in all that happens, I think, to blame only the authorities. "

Many have noted the version causes the terrorist attack, voiced by the end of April, Alexander Lukashenko in his annual address. According to him, a factor that provoked the attack, was, as he put it, "excessive democracy" on the eve of the election. Like, that gave the opposition the opportunity to campaign openly — and it incited people to various offenses. Heard enough mentally unbalanced person the opposition — and fashioned a bomb …

It is noteworthy that the Vitebsk terrorist bombings, according to investigators, organized in 2005 in Vitebsk, and in 2008, on Independence Day in Minsk. And then he that was also influenced by the riotous democracy? That mention the years to turn old newspapers or rummage in the archives of the websites. Neither of which the liberalization of the question then was not. Typical hard years of authoritarian rule: the crackdown, arrests, pressure independent media, the courts of opposition activists …

In general, you should pay attention to the biography of the Vitebsk terrorist. Year of birth — 1986 th. That is, all conscious years — school, vocational school, army, work in the factory — fell on him fired era. He — a product of this era, its ideological and propaganda system. The young terrorist (or perhaps his accomplice) was even in the ranks of the Communist Youth League of Lukashenko — Youth Union. (This was announced by Lukashenka.) During the reading of the message already mentioned, by analyzing the roots of this phenomenon, the President, in particular, summed up (and I quote): "We have created the atmosphere in the society, the fruits of which today we reap" (end quote) . Well, how to disagree?

On the topic of the Minsk tragedy of April 1, and discusses our listener Gennady Arlukevich with stomach Shchuchyn area. In his letter to the "Freedom", he writes:

"It is very sad and bitter that we have made possible such explosions. So many people were killed and many injured … I do not believe that this involved the opposition. Although the government about its involvement in making broad hints. But I do not trust her. We have it so: and do not lie flush. And more and more lies.

Here's the other day looking at the neighbors on TV "Panorama". Supports the Minister of the Interior Kuleshov commented investigation of explosions (including the one that took place three years ago, July 3). He says that the fingerprint is mandatory were taken only from military service. But it is — a lie. Here I am — a disabled group 2 since childhood. And my brother — also disabled in group 2. No, we are not liable for military service. And the prints are forced to pass. And we are not alone.

The whole thing is very dim. Is caught and will judge those who planned and carried out this terrible explosion? I talked about it with many people. And almost all of the same doubts as I have. In a strange way it all coincided: the explosion, and the rapid rise in prices, and the trials of political prisoners, and the lack of currency in exchange … "

At the time, we reported on the numerous scandals now compulsory fingerprinting, organized by the authorities immediately after the July explosion at Prospect Winners. Fingerprints were forced to take the first opposition activists — regardless of gender or age. Many opposition activists protested against this, apelyuyuchy to existing legislation. At the same time, the real suspect, as it now appears, did not take fingerprints at all. This is despite the fact that in 2005, in his apartment police conducted a search, and in 2008, 2009, he served in the army. I wonder why it happened, when the company was declared a universal and mandatory for all military service? Maybe all the forces were sent out to collect fingerprints primarily in opposition?

Kuleshov Minister promised that the situation is now investigating and those responsible will be punished.

The author of the latter in today's review sheet, a longtime friend Constantine Syrel of town Ushachi, that the Vitebsk region, says about the nature of dictatorial regimes. The listener writes:

"The events
that have recently come to our country, make me return again and again to the question of power. That's interesting: the thirst for absolute power and the behavior of its subjects — a psychic or a deviation from the norm it? In my opinion, all the same — mental illness. Here are a few historical facts.

The Roman emperor Caligula is sometimes amusing to read. In the circus, in the greatest heat, he ordered to remove canvas awnings over the audience and not discharge anyone. Thousands of people watch dutifully sat in the stands under a hellish sun. At other times, for no reason Caligula committed death penalty, or suddenly threw money from the balcony of the panel, or with the state closed the store bread, condemning people to hunger.

Everyone knows that the emperor Neron burned his own capital city, Rome. No one had the right to put out fires that lasted for a whole week — wrote in his letter to the "Freedom" Konstantin Syrel of Ushacha. — And Stalin, who deported entire peoples — Chechens, Ingush, kabardyntsav, pavolskih Germans? Men and women, old and young were taken in the steppes of Kazakhstan and Siberian taiga winter in wagons for the transport of livestock, preventing expensive out of the cars. How many people died — no one thought and one really knows.

And who of tyrants or dictators to take — see the same thing, only change the options and scope.

Here the question arises: can mental illness are contagious and epidemic of schizophrenia, manic-depressive psychosis, mania and any phobias? Well, not one, Stalin destroyed the best 25 years of farmers, engineers, military personnel, doctors, writers? Moreover, he did so under the applause of the many partzezdav, conferences and meetings.

What I'm seeing now in our country, especially all these tribunals, persecution of the opposition and the independent media, the financial power of psychosis — leads me to the thought of making some vaccinated against the virus, and to wear a gauze bandage. While the epidemic swept the only power and Themis, but still better zastseragchysya advance. By the way, a good preventive tool — Listening to the radio "Freedom".

Sorry if my playful tone while not very fun event will seem out of place. But Mark Twain said, "laughing at himself, mankind gets rid of its shortcomings."

The desire to preserve personal little limited power, indeed, sometimes gets in the various historical characters bizarre forms of painful addiction. History provides many examples of this. It also suggests that the ending of dictatorships often very sad for the dictators themselves — those who tried to give herself over to the wise leader of all time, whether for a military genius, a conqueror, or the father of the nation. Especially difficult was the tyrant of the end of last and the beginning of the new century. Dreams of a life-long reign and personal mausoleum after his death very often end in dramatic fashion: for whom — the expulsion and popular hatred for anybody — the international tribunal and prison for anyone — the gallows at home. However, the new dictators for some reason this has little effect. Probably each of them considers himself a clever and intelligent predecessors.

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