Lukashenko: Belarus ratified the Customs Code

President asked to comment on a kind of "Greetings" Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, which he did today in Blagoveshchensk. According to the journalists, Dmitry Medvedev was offended by Alexander Lukashenko at the fact that he has sent letters to a number of politicians and the media in Russia (with an explanation of the Belarusian position on controversial positions in the relations between the two countries), said that it is better to engage in political support for the Customs Union something to send such a letter.

"With regard to the Customs Union, it is very unfortunate that the president of the state union does not know what's going on in the Customs Union. I must tell you that we are not in the least made a step back an inch the equal of any in the Customs Union of Russia, nor from Kazazhstana. We have to date been ratified by all the treaties and agreements relating to the Customs Union. But they do not know. I give you a guarantee, they do not know. Otherwise, there would be no talk of this on TV. We have ratified the Customs Code. Today, we are in the same coordinate system as they "- the words Lukashenko has learned.

Lukashenko has expressed the opinion that "apparently, the conspiracy people need to calm down and look at the world that surrounds him, and the world in which we live."

"Do not worry, their business say they want pancakes, sausage they want oil, I guess. Now is the time to talk about some letters. This is not thrown up the letter — it's simple open letter. And I have the right as the chairman of the Supreme Council of the Union State, which is so dreamed of Russians and Belarusians, to say what I see fit. We do not prohibit Medvedev also say what he wants. He says it is only necessary to do professionally, competently. "

July 3: Lukashenko Medvedev advises not to engage in spam

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev believes that the Customs Union should be political support and encourages his colleagues to do just that:

The main thing that has political support. It's not even in my competence and the competence of our feces. It is much more useful than spam to do — send letters, I mean "- quoted by RIA" Novosti "Medvedev speech at the meeting in Blagoveshchensk.

On this week Alexander Lukashenko has sent a letter outlining the position of the gas conflict with Russia in the newspaper "Pravda" and a major Russian businessman.

Dmitry Medvedev at the meeting also said that the Russian Customs Union is an absolute priority, "Customs Union — is an absolute priority, pay special attention to this. We should not create additional procedures that complicate entry Luda, the import of goods and money our country . "

At the meeting with Medvedev Head of the Federal Customs Service Andrei Belyaninov reported that his office two days working in the Customs Union, "While there are no accidents, perhaps because the weekend, or maybe because the new rules should be more meaningful legal persons. "

"So far everything is fine, as long as there is an alarm, and the largest of them — the format of the Customs Union", — added Belianinov. He said that with the Belarusian colleagues Customs work even more than with kazastanskimi.

Medvedev: "We must finish without politics." Russian President also asked whether the Federal Customs Service of contact with Belarusian colleagues.

"Yes, full contact", — assured Belianinov.

June 30: MPs do not remember, or vote on the Customs Code

Correspondent phoned up to two members of the House of Representatives and directly asked, took place only today the ratification of the Customs Code of the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, as this began to talk on the sidelines? The answer sounded like a carbon copy: "I do not know, ask the press-service."

Thereafter I called the head of management information and analytical work of the House of Representatives Nicholas Fox. In my similar question, he replied: "You have seen that the meeting was over." And when I said that the deputies advised to go directly to him, Mr. Fox said, "I do not know, let them answer this issue. "


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