Lukashenko complains Americans on Russia


Moscow needs time to get used to the idea that Belarus — it is a sovereign and independent state. Otherwise, Russia risks losing its closest ally and it will be, as stated by Lukashenko, the loss of non-renewable.

Perhaps, most of the conversation with Alexander Lukashenko CNN correspondent concerned relations between Russia and Belarus. Lukashenko said that Belarus if Russia without at least survive, the loss of such an outpost in the West to Moscow will be non-renewable. The Belarusian leader is convinced that attempts to subjugate the people of Belarus will lead to very bad consequences primarily within the Russian Federation:

If you think that tomorrow these so-called Russian subsidies will go away and we immediately Ruhnu — yes anything like this.

"If you think that tomorrow these so-called Russian subsidies will go away and we immediately Ruhnu — but nothing like this! We normally stand on their feet. So, if Russia will conduct a similar manner with respect to the policy of our own, we will be a bit more difficult. But I do not think that in Russia it is officially recognized course and that it would go on this course. Otherwise — will be here Lukashenko or someone else — and so in this case, Russia will simply lose Belarus. And it will be a loss of non-renewable naysurezneyshaya — moral, financial, political and military. If we consider — every aspect … "

Alexander Lukashenko said: despite the recent unpleasant events associated with the gas conflict, he is trying to divide the relationship between the peoples of Russia and Belarus, and the personal relationship between the two leaders. On He said, it's a big difference. In the words of Lukashenko, Belarus is not mind living in alliance and friendship with the Russian people. However, if someone "is beginning to somehow tilt the Belarusians, sketching out the noose around his neck and tightened her tightly, then, we are positioning ourselves as a nation, as a people, can not allow this", "All the rest — again" — summed up Lukashenko, adding that one Russian world is large enough:

"You have to keep in mind: we have so many loyal friends. In addition to Russia, the European Union, we have excellent relations with Venezuela, Iran and North African countries, the Middle East, including Israel. Despite the fact that we are in such a "cool" relationship, it does not prevent the Americans to invest in our economy. In including and Europe, Russia, etc. And we have another very serious partner and a great friend — People's Republic. We are building a relationship with them 20 years! We have a very good relationship. "

The famous Russian writer Viktor Erofeev says that actually came to its logical conclusion the feasibility of long-term thinking so-called Union State. While Moscow and Minsk at the helm pronounced antagonists, all sorts of integration projects expects the fate of a bubble:

The fact that the union has no future, it is already obvious.

"What can we predict? The fact that the union has no future, it is already obvious. But he completely transformed and will be something else, perhaps, only when the country will come to the realization of democratic values. And if not, then we will suffer from an unfulfilled dreams with our descendants, then our descendants are alone. Although perhaps with someone else by inertia will celebrate the 20th anniversary, the 30th anniversary of the nominal union, etc. "

Former presidential associate Alexander Plaskavitsky the cause of anti-Russian sentiment Belarusian leader sees unfulfilled dreams Lukashenko — once he was obsessed with the idea to conquer the Kremlin, but now has to settle for soliciting cheap energy:

"The fact that we are integrating with Russia — is, of course, our perspective. I do not know how many years it would require, but it is possible that not even 20, and anywhere from 5 to 15. No one to lean more! To resolve their issues, we are not able to, as it turns out. Resources we do not have to work like the Germans, we do not want. And so to work the way we work, we need somewhere to seek funds. And for this one way out — to join such a great power with a lot of resources, they can be sold and thus to live … But the fact that it will not be voluntary membership, it was also immediately clear. Our president then joined with Russia to comply with Yeltsin, and in order to subjugate the Yeltsin. "


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