Lukashenko had promised that a kilogram of potatoes will cost a dollar. Here lived …

In Belarus — high season potatoes, early cucumbers, fresh strawberries and other fruits and vegetables. In past years at this time of market prices significantly decreased. In the same year, however, earlier fruit and vegetables are not available for most consumers. Visitors say about this market in the country.

The mood of the people and the level of prices on Monday learned correspondents of "Freedom."

Gomel Oblast

Prices of vegetables not afford

In traditional stores Gomel in Belarus cabbage, potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes were worth, respectively, from 5 to 12 thousand rubles per kilogram.

Pensioner resents the price of beets:

"Is it possible to beet cost 14 thousand? Who is doing this? '.

"Golden" beet

Keep up with the market prices in the shops: the bow is worth more than 6000 rubles. Almost the same number and cabbage.

And the prices for the first strawberries on the market reached 30,000, now — 13-20 thousand per kilogram. Few drops price to 10,000.

Vegetable prices going through the roof

Sir Peter — retired. He believes that such prices of vegetables are too expensive:

"Is it on our pension such prices? Our pension is the lowest in Europe. Now almost fell pension in May to 50 percent. First, who hinted that we have the lowest prices on products — this is our president. He said that in Europe — there for one dollar potatoes, and we had it at 400-600 rubles. "

A woman in years finds that the prices of vegetables and fruits depend primarily on the value of the dollar, which jumped up:

"Everything is tied to the dollar!"

"Because the dollar is expensive! We have products — everything is there. Only the dollar rose and Russia us the prices for gas and oil increased. And the Belarusian ruble has fallen.'s Because of this. All pegged to the dollar."

Some citizens believe that the cost of vegetables rose from the dealers. They say, wind the prices.

Valentina grows potatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables in the country near Gomel. It does not perakupshchytsa. Works with her husband in the season, so to speak, from morning to night. Therefore, it is an early potato 9, and cucumbers — 6000:

"In the spring of very cold. We buy spunbond, film, make the arc and cover. Then — irrigation. How to electricity, to water it all We watered every other day and when it was cold — covered. Here is the potato. Would not watered — nothing would be. And also cucumbers. planted in cups, then cover with a double wrap. planted, warmed.'s all expensive. Look at my hands — 20 hours a day working. "

Valentine: "We work 20 hours a day"

Grandmother of Buda-Koshelev district sells strawberries on the market — 13,000 per kilogram. Strawberry neat, but too small:

"No fruit — no more no response. Whole month there was no rain.'s Just gone now. Here in Buda-Koshelev area, as well as throughout the Gomel region, there was no rain."


Unexpectedly high prices for top seller

At Mogilev central market today best seller — strawberries and potatoes. Their prices for consumers unexpectedly high. Sellers are justified by the high cost of ensuring that all it grow. Andrew Belagubav theme continues.

In the market and in the neighborhood all forced vitamin products. With middle-aged gentleman I talk about the price of potatoes. On the counter it is packaged in packages.

Demand for the current Belarusian potato is not too high. Dollar — kilogram. Dearly

Reporter: "Or dear potatoes?".

Man: "Five or six thousand pounds. Well, dear, and it is now cheaper? For me to bring her here, I need to pay fifty thousand. Ten liters of petrol — no less fifty thousand."

Interlocutor agrees with the arguments and his neighbor. Its price of potatoes up to ten thousand rubles per kilogram:

"Belarusians of his salary is very expensive to buy even a kilo of potatoes"

"To grow potatoes, still in our Belarus, except that it is necessary pazginats back, you need more and other labor costs, materials, different. And all of it is expensive. Looking at retirement, to work, it appears that the Belarusians are very expensive to buy a kilogram potato. "

After hearing how much potatoes, buyers go. Complain that the price too big.

The customer: "How much is your potato?".

Saleswoman: "In five, six, eight, ten thousand!".

The customer: "Ay-yi-yi."

Most complain about the prices buyers are retired:

"Have got bunch of onions and a kilo of potatoes — that's all our vitamins"

Two spouses:

Woman: "We passed around the whole market — we have that kind of money. Purchased a bunch of onions and a kilo of potatoes — that's all the vitamins. "

Man: "Potato dollar, what can I say! The prices and do not let go, and have not entered. Lukashenko told you six months ago or a year, that will pounds of potatoes — the dollar. Here she is and was. This is the policy of the state."

Woman: "I guess they'd better bring a potato than a raise".

The same situation is with strawberries. For a bucket with two to three pounds of berries are asked to thirty thousand. Haggling sellers do not have the desire.

"Over 2 kilos of strawberries asking 28,000 rubles"

"If people want to buy good strawberries, delicious strawberries, it will not pull on the ruble. Her own five times, no less, to heat the, three or four times povyryvats mustache. And still smoking.'s Cancer and stand, and stand. Therefore, for it's a bucket, two kilograms of two hundred grams, I ask him 28,000 rubles. "

Strawberry — only to feast on. Thirty-two thousand pounds — a little expensive

Many buyers acquire strawberries just for kids, so that they feast on. As this lady. In its package less kilogram berry yummy.

"Actually, my dear. Has a good budget. When compote close and do not have a vegetable garden, it is too expensive. When the family all work, it is still possible, and if someone does not work, then it is very difficult."

Traders waiting for buyers


Farmer calls the cause of the "cheated" the price of cucumbers on the Minsk "Komarovka"

On Monday morning, most, maybe cheaper in Belarus cucumbers sold in the village Olshany Stolin district in Brest. The local mushroom farmer Michael said, "Freedom":

Mushroom: "This morning one kilogram of ground cucumbers worth 3.5 thousand rubles."

I object to the farmer, saying that on the Minsk "Komarovka" cucumbers with Stolin sell from 6,000 rubles per kilogram.

Michael Mushroom immediately calls the cause of the high cost. Blames speculators.

Mushroom: "welling" Prices whoever outbids. It turns out that in ten hands of the cucumber comes to the buyer. He who cultivates these cucumbers, finally gets a smaller share of monetary income than the one who sold it. Understand that this is the reason buried dearness STOLIN cucumbers on Minsk "Komarovka" in particular. "

The farmer has to plow young seedlings of cabbage, which would be enough for 60 acres of garden

Later in the conversation farmer explains that he and other Belarusian growers could well provide, for example, Minsk cucumbers, cabbage and carrots own production. However, the calculations on the larger crop of vegetables is not true:

Mushroom: "Farmers and this year is not allocated arable land. And how could it be cheap vegetables if I'm running now, I ask, and I do not give even 80 kilometers to plant seedlings of cabbage?".

"In the autumn will once again be the lack of Belarusian vegetables …"

Farmer desperately admits that now forced to plow a good cabbage seedlings:

Mushroom: "Hector 60 arable land is now missing.'ll Have seedlings disc (plow). So again fall will be shortage of the Belarusian vegetables …".

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