Lukashenko said the businessman truth

President of Belarus sent a large Russian business letter, which outlined his views on the Russian-Belarusian gas war. As it became known site, this message is received about 80 entrepreneurs.

The text of the letter, however, is identical to the text of the President of Belarus, published by the newspaper "Pravda" on June 28. Lukashenko accuses the Russian side with the breakdown in negotiations on gas prices, and expresses the view that the conflict are not so much economic as political interests of Russia, is trying to "build" the Belarusian leadership. According to Lukashenko, the purpose of this pressure is obvious: get the Belarusian government "to make concessions to the detriment of the national interest" and receive tidbits of Belarusian property. "

Lukashenko reiterated that because of the "hostile policy" of Moscow in Belarus "is becoming less and less supporters of deep integration" with Russia.

However, as noted by, it is unclear what purpose wants to achieve Lukashenko his letter. After all, the text does not contain any requests or appeals.

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