Magical power of the Rat King

April 7, 2012 10:46

The King does exist! It is a few rats, fused tails. Tightly. Perhaps this is the only thing about it is certain.


Previously, I was always surprised that Hoffmann's "Nutcracker" rat king of the three heads. Do storyteller XIX century made villain evil mutants in the spirit of modern fighters?

But it appears that Hoffman took his king of the medieval German legend, based on real facts. Although very rare. There are only about 60 documented findings, and those at one time was considered a hoax. As if there were fans of black humor, linking the rat's tail.

Scientists have long puzzled over the appearance of the royal person. Even believed that such a strange way to warm the rat pups. We now know that rats tails are fused in the womb or after some time after birth until tails are soft and flexible. As a rule, all life side by side (literally) spend 7.3 rats, but found the balls of 42 or more individuals.

For obvious reasons, the king almost unable to move. He did and no reason. Nationals drag it on their backs. They fed it, watered, groomed and nurtured. The strongest and most aggressive males females tend to him. Power of the king in the pack is boundless, his appearance breaks the social organization of the rats, and the warring flocks together under its auspices.

But the king will die without his subjects. Even if they tried to keep in captivity, he just refuses to eat and dies with a truly royal dignity.

Rat King — the creation of (or all of creation?) Mystical, surrounded by contradictory and sinister rumors. In the Middle Ages it was considered an accomplice to the devil, confer great power and magical power, the ability to direct pestilence, famine and natural disasters. Also felt like the king is able to turn around a man (that is attributed to all rats) and the desires.

The find of King rats presaged trouble. Especially to the poor fellow, whose shed or closet liked the many-headed rat as apartments. Inquisition opened itself and the king, and the owner pantry uncompromising struggle.

A man who found a rat master, the townspeople looked askance. But believed that if the king to bow at the waist, then that meeting will bring good luck and wealth. Unless, of course, strong nerves: not everyone can weigh out the ceremonial bow ball of rats.

Only a few can be seen, bowed, most immediately destroy the devil incarnate.

This case was kept in the city of Darmstadt chronicles: the people have found a huge rat king, which was divided into two smaller ones. When one of them tried to kill the rats gnawed themselves to each other's throats. Another king was thrown into the fire, and the flame color in a sinister green.

Who knows, maybe in your own pantry sits a thick tail and moves his Majesty, enjoys food from your table?

According to the witnesses, "in 1918. After World War II left the city rat. The first in the procession carried away on their backs large multi-headed creature — a king. "

— As we age, the rat king grows in size and heads.

— In one of the laboratories of King artificially separated. Individuals constituting it were normal rats lost their mystical power.

— Make a version that rat king endowed with telepathic abilities.

The famous Pied Piper, charmed rats playing the flute, had predecessors. In the Regional Museum Hameln kept plenty of evidence documents, engravings, etchings XVII-XVIII centuries. Roux kopis 1430 — "The Book of the miracle" — contains scenes of rituals and incantations to drive away rats. People involved in this, called spellcasters. Some of them like the Pied Piper of rats being led away with the music, others to chant or prayer.

The power of these people in rats explained only as of the devil, and because the Inquisition at every opportunity, with Piper wreaked reprisals. But, apparently, not only the devil could give man dominion over the gray enemies. And among the European Saints were the ones that were able to drive out the rats. Holy Ulrik of Augsberga, holy Magius from Switzerland. A saint Gertrude even depicted with a staff on which climbed rats. Her cult of Westphalia came to North Saxony.

Over time charmers changed sellers rat poison. Their figures have inspired many artists of the time.

In Russia, the rat-catchers were called masters or owners of rats. Their services are often used by owners of the mill, where the gray rodents were performed whole hordes. Host rats could not only take away the pesky neighbors, but to incite them to objectionable to him. Miller's son comes to mind: the mill rats had multiplied in abundance. Miller went somewhere and brought wizened peasant. He went through all the alleys, where the rats were performed. However, he pounded on the floor and said: "Your master came. Listen to me. " He bade open the gates, drew a circle on the road and plunged into the center of the knife handle to the side of the mill. Stood in the circle and began to whisper something. From all the cracks and doors have got rats. They ran in silence, without a peep, in the direction as indicated by the knife handle. Gray circle with a man rounded the avalanche, not one has stepped over the line.

In 1939, again with the words of a witness, the guy and his friends went to the car body. The road was covered with rats for a kilometer ahead. A huge number of rats moved in silence, people rodents are not paying attention, though they could defeat a herd of cows. To the question "How much of?" The answer was: "The owner drove from farm barns." — "Boss?" — "One person, they listen."

Rats — a tenacious and intelligent. And we with our modern poisons and traps a lot of what we can do against them. But now there is a man who, as in the old legend, can release the rat whole city?

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