Magnetic storms and health


Of all the impacts from space to Earth is the most powerful rhythmic changing solar radiation. On our luminary are continuously processes that occur in bursts, which changes the overall impact of solar activity and solar radiation on the earth's atmosphere.

How solar activity affects the health and well — read our article.

Solar flares — a powerful explosion near a large group of sunspots. High energy bursts about 10 million times the energy of a solid volcano eruption. Thus ejected solar material, consisting of charged particles called a plasma scientists. Moving at supersonic speed in interplanetary space plasma and creates a shock wave, causing a collision with the Earth magnetic storm.

People react differently to the outbreak. The first group includes those who "feel" it almost immediately in response to the enhanced radiation during an outbreak. The second group of people feel it with the "late" for 1-2 days, which corresponds precisely to the time of plasma from the Sun to the Earth. The reaction of both groups generally similar — headaches, dizziness, pain in the heart, and irritability. For group 1 is more typical depressed.

Solar activity changes the Earth's magnetic field, and this is, of course, is reflected in a person. Experience shows that the greatest activity during the sun arises, for example, the sharp deterioration of the sick and weak people with hypertension, a patient in the hospital increases, so does the pure accidents. The intensity of solar activity has a short, about 28-days, the cycle: it is associated with the sun's rotation around its axis.

On the Sun is a complex relationship cycles of low and high order. There are semi-order, when the greatest number of magnetic storms observed in March — April and September — October.

As magnetic storms occur?

Solar activity excites the entire Earth as a whole. It is noticed that there are earthquakes and the more and more frequent, the more the sun spots.

Magnetic storms
Directly with the advent of magnetic storms are associated negative effect on human health are some factors:

* Infrasound
occurring in the polar regions (northern) auroras at high latitudes;
* Short-period oscillations of the magnetic field of the Earth — micropulsations, they act on the nervous system;
* Changes in the intensity of ultraviolet radiation received by the Earth's surface as a result of what is changing, especially in high latitudes, under the influence of charged particles invading the ozone layer.

Responds to magnetic storms absolutely everyone, simply because he is a living thing. Moreover, if people do not have the capacity to perceive the geomagnetic changes, they would have died out long ago.

So if anyone thinks that the magnetic storm is not responding — it is very healthy man, with a strong ability to adapt, and his body to respond appropriately to solar explosions.

For the vast majority of people a magnetic storm — is a stressful situation for the body. Proved that the magnetic storm suppresses the production of melatonin — the hormone responsible for this adaptation. Large storms can lead to the development of DS — failure biorhythms that almost inevitably affects health. Adrenal cortex during magnetic storm works in conditions of stress. For example, stands out a lot more cortisol (a "stress hormone").

The benefits of magnetic storms

In nature, there is hardly anything is harmful. Including magnetic storms can be very useful for us.

For example, the geomagnetic disturbances (this is also the storm, but a little) — a great workout. In the "geomagnetic calm" we would be a lot worse than usual. Not to mention the fact that the very first real storm would have seriously crippled Articles
Schematic representation of the projections of large and small fontanelles
By magnetic storm should take it easy and do not expect from her troubles! It makes no sense to hide behind an iron door, cover his head with a blanket and "earth" metal bracelets. What we really should do — keep yourself from additional loads.

On the eve of a magnetic storm is not worth venturing spring cleaning, repair;
necessary to avoid the problems that can cause trouble;
managers should not be in the days of magnetic storms to make decisions on key strategic, as well as on personnel matters;
should not give advice like "increase the dose of medicine" (if you do not doctor!). In many cases, those who suffer from hypertension or coronary artery disease requires a change in the time of drug administration, but it can only be defined individually.

Of course, it would be good to know about the gathering storm over the last month, a week, and depending on it to build their plans for life. However, a reliable prediction is possible only for a day or two — so much time echoes of solar flares go to Earth.

Yes, magnetic storms can severely undermine the health of the common man, which in addition to the space and a lot of activity factors that affect their health: stress, work, the weather — all of which can significantly worsen the condition. But those who lead a healthy life, it will be much easier to transport magnetic storms and the impact of space weather. So it is necessary to reflect on the conduct of such a lifestyle. What would then not take a mountain of drugs and do not complain about their uselessness.

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