Magnitude 6.2 earthquake occurred east of Indonesia

Earthquake of magnitude 6.2 occurred on Saturday in the Pacific Ocean to the east of Indonesia, the tremors were felt in East Timor, and caused panic among residents, according to the Associated Press referring to the Indonesian Meteorological and Geophysical Agency.

Groundwater level were recorded at 20.09 local time (15.09 MSK). The earthquake lies at a depth of 10 kilometers. The epicenter was located at 202 kilometers east of the capital city of Dili, East Timor.

However, the U.S. Geological Survey website reports that the magnitude of the earthquake was 5.7, and the center lies at a depth of 35 kilometers.

The district is part of the so-called "Pacific Ring of Fire" — a powerful tectonic fault. As a result of crustal movements in Indonesia frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

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