Making runes and Prime Logistics

Runic symbols existed in ancient times, they used regularly in daily magic to the 19th century. Runes represent a certain system of magical characters.

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They usually create yourself using natural materials. Most often in their role playing wood but can also activate and clay, rock or bone. When a person makes a rune for himself, he "adjusts" it added, as it is in this situation, it is not necessary.

For predictions that have special significance, make a special rune set consisting of ice, and in some cases — the wax. After the application should be immediately destroyed in order to avoid undesirable consequences.

Primitive means to create signs is a common cover for notebooks, which must be of sufficient density. In addition, it is possible to resort to a set of water, flour and salt.

To implement this method to create a kind of dough rolls, which can then be sent to the oven for extra durability. After baking of the resulting cut runes, which, in turn, are made with ink.

The best option — Runes of wood, which must be selected within the spirit mage. It is recommended to choose a fruit tree, because it is out of it make the best signs, though, and the process of cutting quite a hassle.

We should not exclude the possibility of manufacturing several sets of different tree species. By the way, forget about the birch tree, because the runes from it often do not tell the whole truth.

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