Malaysian shaman killed a man-eating crocodile spell — media

July 5, 2012 11:23

Bali (Indonesia), RIA Novosti, Mikhail Tsyganov. Shaman of the Malaysian state of Sarawak assures that killed nearly four-meter crocodile-eating spell and bang on the head, said on Wednesday the newspaper Star.


Who lived in the river Seblak 3.65 meter long crocodile years terrifies the village Nanga Sungey-Anak, who consider him guilty of death three villagers, they were even given the huge reptiles own name Budzhang-Seblak ("Bachelor of Seblaka").

 Man-eating crocodile atrocities continue as long as the 42-year old local shaman Indet Sanabong (Indet Sanabong) not challenged reptiles. Accompanied by three assistants, he went up the river, a crocodile caught in a trap, and fought with him for an hour until it was time to deliver a decisive blow. As the shaman says, they heard it was 33 years ago incantation after casting and light cotton head eater died.
"It would be too dangerous to carry a crocodile (in the village), living as he could to resist," — said Indet.
Crocodile hunters brought the body of the village headman, whose wife was one of the victims of reptiles, "for identification", and then handed it over to the staff of the Department for the Protection of Forests Sarawak.

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