Man calculator lives in San Diego

January 18, 2012 17:37

Scott has Flansberga living in San Diego, California, is uniquely situated parts of the brain. The so-called "zone 44", located in the central part of the brain responsible for the ability of the calculation. Scott has this plot is shifted upward and significantly expanded in comparison with the brain of the ordinary man.

Know a few people with such super-powers, but one of the last reported about the ability to produce complex algebraic calculations in mind the program "Super-people among us," published in the American broadcast last fall.

While information about Flensburg — Human Calculator — a little, but we already know that the reliability of its "mathematical gift" confirmed experts neurophysiological laboratory in the United States. However, scientists have not been able to establish whether this ability is innate, or whether it was developed independently by Scott, and what factors contributed to its development.

On the Internet you can find a fragment program "super-people among us", to learn about one of the most amazing people in the world — a man capable of producing complex mathematical calculations in a fraction of a second for.

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