Manufacturer of cameras created Tank imager

Manufacturer of cameras created Tank imager
Defense Ministry plans to equip the new device tanks T-80, T-90 and T-72

Manufacturer eminent camera «Zenit» — named Zverev Krasnogorsk Factory (KMZ) — developed a new tank sighting system «Agat-MDT» capable build target in full gloom at a distance up to 4 km.

Feature of the complex is that it is collected on the Russian absolutely elemental base, and the base of the device — quite matrix by Russian NGOs «Orion» with unique for Russian industry resolution (640×512 pixels).

But innovatorsky complex is not intended for promising Russian armored platforms «Armata», «Kurganets» and can only be installed on tanks — T-72, T-80 and T-90.

Company CEO Alexander Tarasov believes that it is not a very big drawback, since the T-72 and T-90 modernization and high export potential.

— The T-90 is very popular among our zabugornyh partners, recently announced procurement Peru T-90S. In addition, the Defense Ministry conducts intensive modernization of T-72 and T-90. So we believe that our product has great prospects — Tarasov told «Izvestia».

At the same time, he noted that the CMH considers «Agat-MDT» as an intermediate product, which continues to develop opto-mechanical systems for the tanks to come. However, if there is any order for such development with the Ministry of Defense, Tarasov refused to report.

Together so specifically because of the unwillingness Russian sighting system deadlines «Almaty was» were transferred to six months, and the complex of Belarus decided to book at the enterprise «Peleng».

Deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Industry Vladimir Gutenev explained «Izvestia» that the creation of «Agatha» will allow Russian producers to abandon the tanks of imported thermal imagers, which had to be installed due to lack of Russian.

— Earlier in the export versions of the T-90 had to install thermal imaging French company Thales. «Agat» on the stated features is not inferior to him. Currently holding «Schwabe», which comes CMH practically closes the niche of these devices — a big step forward, we are competitive in the market these rather expensive devices — said Gutenev.

He added that Russian imager not only make our tanks independent of foreign devices, and will allow to carry out a full tank technology upgrade cycle. In addition, Gutenev believes that demand for T-72 and T-90 in the coming couple of years will not fall.

— These tanks will not go to the smelter, they are refurbished and sold outside. And thanks to the «Agat» they will be easier to upgrade without verbovaniya zabugornyh suppliers — explained Gutenev.

According CMH commander sighting and observation combined with the Russian complex thermal channel «Agat-MDT» to detect and recognize the mobile and immobile enemy targets at a distance of 4 km, determine the distance to the target with a laser rangefinder and provide aimed firing of the cannon and machine guns which are equipped tanks.

Azat Gizatulin Denis Telman

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