Maria Sharapova donates to the children of Chernobyl

Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova, who attended today in Gomel his grandmother, announced at a press conference about the new rehabilitation project in the Chernobyl zone. Tennis star donates to this project 250,000 dollars. It will be carried out in 2011-12 in the three neighboring countries — Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

Now, Maria Sharapova as a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Development Programme's financial support to the Belarusian medical and educational charity projects designed to help the children of Chernobyl areas.

Through the Belarusian State University and the Academy of Arts Maria donated 210,000 dollars to 12 scholarships to talented students — people from the radiation-contaminated Belarusian settlements.

In the Bragin district of the Maria Sharapova Foundation has funded the purchase of musical instruments and equipment for four music schools.

In Chechersk in the center of children's creativity by means of open tennis ecological circle with pets, and at the district hospital — are equipped with bathroom psychological rehabilitation titled "Fairy Tale".

June 30, arriving in Belarus since Wimbledon, tennis star just and visited Chechersk.

Why did Mary now gives preference to its charitable activities are not sports, but especially health and education project?

Sharapova"We wanted to start with this. Of course, for me, sport — it's my life, that's what I'm doing. But in life there are more important things, and we decided that we would start from the said projects. With this money, we now have invested, we want to find a place where we will open gyms for children. Sport — is the next step. "

Maria Sharapova in the Central Park of Gomel.

When my mom was in 1986, pregnant, parents flew here from Chernobyl. If not for him, I was born here.

Mary explained, that Belarus, Gomel and in particular — is also her home. Ten years ago she was in Gomel, remembers the local streets and parks. And so happy to help:

"I am very grateful for the opportunity to help Belarus. I was not born here, I was born in Siberia. But I know when my mom was in 1986, pregnant, parents flew here from Chernobyl. If not for him, I was born here. The last time I was in Gomel ten years ago. For me to come back to this home — it's wonderful. And I am very grateful to this chance. "

A new major project of Maria Sharapova in support areas affected by the Chernobyl said at a press conference and a representative of the UN Development Program in Belarus Antonius Broek:

Antonius Broek and Maria Sharapova at the press conference.

"I want to announce a new project. Maria Sharapova Foundation has agreed to donate 250,000 dollars on a new initiative that will be implemented in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Details will voice later. Let me just say that the project will be implemented in 2011-12. The next year — this is the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. So a big thank you Mary! Thank you for coming! I wish her every success in life and tennis career. "

In Gomel, Maria Sharapova visited her grandmother, who recently had surgery, and also held on the courts of a master class for young tennis players Gomel.


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