Mermaids — myth or reality?

February 7, 2013 1:21

Mermaids - myth or reality?

Mermaids do exist! So in 1830, several dozen people argued that not only saw it, and was at her funeral. Mermaid in the way people have always been that kind of charming beauties, is a greater threat to men. With women, they did just — they stripped away from the rivers and lakes, but with the men the situation was just the opposite — not only tried, but all possible and impossible means to lure and seduce lost her mind, can tickle to death, and if not drag to the bottom in his kingdom.

It is noted that only men have the iron will to not succumb to their charms. According to the type consisting of a half fish apparel, these beauties have long hair, had a very beautiful and magnificent breasts, plus the entire green, very beautiful "shot" eyes. These qualities can not be interested unless impotent, or a man, not for women. And to avoid meeting with them, men, going to the water is always carried a variety of charms. It could be wormwood, or garlic, or some sort of iron object — all this deter mermaids. And each of the stored charms advance.

In the case of a meeting with a mermaid, never call names, if she calls you by name — they do it by accident, because of your name, they usually do not know in this case, could not hurt. Today, the mermaids even young children do not always believe, let alone adults. But, to say definitively that they are still there can not even scientists. In fact, some even tend to their existence.

As mentioned above, in 1830, on one of the islands Gerbidzhskih — Benbekyula buried nothing like a mermaid. As always, the beginning of this story is not much different from other similar. Many locals gathering algae off the coast once and saw this strange at first creation. It looked like a girl that has long black hair. Beautiful white and delicate skin, large firm breasts that will not leave anyone indifferent man on the island and one of the reasons that men of the island is straight out of the skin crawled, that would catch the "beauty." But it did not — it was too clever. But one of the young people he has annoyed, sorry fail to run with it a tremendous hot stone. Mermaid managed to dive under the water, but the stone did was for her to be fatal. A few days later her body surfaced near the shore.

Crowds of onlookers came running to the place where lay the lifeless body of the real, described in the legends, the mermaid — so she looked — the top was fully "human", and the lower part of the body was the real fish tail. More doubt about it — it was lying in front of a crowd of a mermaid. The resemblance to a man was so amazing that even the authorities did not pass the event to her side and produced by order coffin, as a person.

The original funeral was held, but the tomb after so many years is completely lost, and no attempts of the last century to find it without success. So, anyway, to assume that the residents of the island have undergone visual deception impossible. In the end, they — the inhabitants of a small island in the middle of the ocean, and had to distinguish between seals, fish and other marine life.
Recall other such information does not make sense. A lot of them, and the differences in the story about what is not.

Here it is necessary only to mention that one of the British scientists — Alister Hardy — expressed quite bold, and at the same time, very unusual hypothesis. He suggested that the man did not come from monkeys, but from primatopodobnyh water creatures resembling mermaids. It is clear that the hypothesis of the other scientists were met with hostility, but her supporters are still there, and no small number.

Say how true this hypothesis, it is impossible. In any case, it should be noted that the man now loves the water, happy to bathe in it and just splash around, and generally live without it can not. So Professor Hardy, perhaps where you are right. In any case, in the hot weather I prefer to get into the pool, rather than a tree. Wait and see. The ocean is still fraught with a lot of unknown pages in itself.

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