Methodology Output in the Astral

November 16, 2011 20:51

Methodology Output in the Astral

Preliminary relaxation
Take a deep breath and as you exhale, close your eyes. Feel the wave of relaxation spreads throughout the body. Take another breath and every cell of the body, every nerve feel pleasant languor. Lie so nice, so quiet. As well forget about the cares and worries and surrender to the power pervading relaxation.

With the next breath, feel the leg muscles begin to relax. With each breath, toes more and more relaxed. Feel the relaxation of all the increases, and goes from the toes to the ankle.

Feel the relaxation rises from the ankles to the calves, to come to his knees. This is — a wonderful feeling. You do not care about anything, and you are completely at the mercy of a relaxing flow.

Now let the relaxation reaches your hips. Feel any tension disappears and appear calm and absolute relaxation.

The fully relaxed relaxing foot wave flows into the stomach and enters the chest. With each breath, you relax, relax, relax. With every breath is getting easier and easier to do it. Deeper and deeper you sink into relaxation.

Feel the relaxation covers the shoulders and slowly runs down the arms to the tips of his fingers. Palms and fingers relax and get lazy, imposing.

Relaxation reaches the neck, and you feel like the waves disperse throughout the body.

Facial muscles completely relax. Voltage eye drops, and a wave of grace rises to the head. Now the whole body, each of its cells completely and totally relaxed.

Being in a state of absolute rest, imagine yourself lying on the bank of the river. Until you heard tenderly murmur stream blowing all past caring. Carefree heard birds chirping, and you feel a gentle, cool touch of the breeze caressing your face.

In your imagination gets a picture of how you go, and slowly walking along the beach, watch as a piece, like the children's boat, floating on the river. Until you came the sound of the waterfall, you will see past the bend.

Strolling po-nad coast, you find ten steps stone stairs leading down to the foot of the cliff. Placing his hand on the railing, you go down, and with each step relaxation doubles. By the time you reach the foot of the sunny rocks, your relaxation will increase tenfold, and you will feel it with every fiber of a great state of mind and body.

Ten. So, down to a total, all-embracing relaxation.

Nine. One more step, and relaxation doubles.

Eight. His foot on the next step, you feel the gentle touch of the breath spray waterfall and relaxation again becomes twice as strong.

Seven. Further and further down to total relaxation.

Six. Feed relaxation leads you down.

Five. Halfway, you feel like your body is ephemeral and supple.

Four. Three. Two. One. Deeper and deeper into the flow of total, total relaxation.

You step on a rock ledge and go to her flat, smooth surface. Relaxation. Absolute relaxation and tranquility. Total, total relaxation of the body.

On the count of one to five return back to reality. You will feel relaxed, happy and full of energy, mind, body and soul will gain unprecedented power.

One. Feel the energy back into your body.

Two. You cover previously unknown joy.

Three. Everything around becomes familiar, shape, and new experiences are securely held in memory.

Four. Such a good state of health has never been in my life.

Five. Eyes open, and joy fills the soul.

Astral output

In rooms where astral experiences, the temperature should not fall below twenty degrees Celsius. Clothing should be light and loose. Surf naked also not forbidden. Throw on a light sheet.

Try not to cross your hands or feet. This condition must be met because the crossed limbs prevent astral exit.

Give yourself installation that immediately after you leave the physical relaxation shell and go on a trip. Focus on this idea and repeat it like a mantra, for two minutes.

We must now formulate the goal. The first time it is not difficult — in your plan is the intention to leave the physical form and a little fly around the room. Keep in mind that during the first astral exit to leave the room is not recommended.

Do exercise for progressive relaxation, you've known, experimenting with a mental journey.

Reaching full relaxation, focus on your breathing, which should be a deep, smooth and rhythmic.

Be aware of the physical body, surroundings and any other sounds. Focus on the inner "I", which is to be calm, but focused on the expectation.

Once again, think of how important and desirable is your upcoming experience. Without straining, try to leave the physical body. In practice, this is not easy. The mind must be relaxed and at the same time focused on the output of the physical body. Think about the importance of the experience of its urgency.

Aim consciousness in the forehead, a place from which will be carried out. When you reach this, you may have a sinking feeling, and the flight of some vibration. Skin can feel the tickling, as the touch of a pen. When one of these sensations will be distinct, surrendering to the will of the updraft and soar above the physical body.

It is possible that even the first astral experiences happen easily and naturally. On the other hand, do not worry, if you have to make several attempts. A major obstacle for newcomers is the fear that some experienced a sense of immersion or flight. At this point, consciousness, obedient fear of the unknown, it returns back to the physical body.

Feeling the fall will not be something new for you — most people have experienced it many times before I fall asleep. So as soon as you feel something like this, remember that it is — a good sign. Rather than be afraid, enjoy this feeling. If you manage to somehow amplify it, the first astral output greatly facilitated, even though I know it's easier said than done.

Having been in the astral plane, you will surely get rid of these problems, as your experience will be as enjoyable and exciting that necessarily want to repeat it again. As in other, cases, the first experience is always connected with certain difficulties.

Personally, I find that, without further ado, it is necessary to focus on the breath and simply wish to leave the body.

Some people do it for a few seconds, others take a few minutes. Do not worry if the first attempt fails, due to various reasons a person can take up to six months to go to the astral plane. When you first sat behind the wheel of a car, the prospect of learning to drive might seem problematic. Then there is a quantum leap in learning, and now you are not experiencing any problems, driving your car automatically. Process of going to the astral plane also requires a certain skill and training time depends on the skills and abilities of the individual.

If that fails, the next day, try to repeat the experience. Repeat it every day, as long as you achieve success, and this moment will come — perhaps when you least expect it.

Login with Facebook say that you have succeeded and hover over his physical body. Feast your eyes on him, notice how calm and serene it looks. Mentally tell them to move themselves into the opposite corner of the room. Ahead of the idea, the astral body will obey your wishes.

Feel the walls, and they may seem hard or soft, depending on how "tight" was your astral double. With one hand, try to palpate myself. In the astral plane, your body will seem ephemeral.

In turn inspect all corners of the room to make sure that you are capable of the power of thought instantly move in space.

Completing the experience, imagine returning to the physical body, and that happens in a split second. Returns may be smooth and calm, but sometimes it occurs abruptly and unexpectedly, like a parachute landing. No matter how smooth a jump, landing is always associated with hard contact with the ground.

After a brief flight within the room this is usually not the case. It's safe to say that the longer the flight, the more unpleasant return. I've never felt anything like what happened to the twelve-year experience Silvan Muldoon during the return of the first astral travel. Returning to the physical body, he felt a sharp piercing pain.

If possible, I try to avoid discomfort. To this end, first I'm going back to my room, and only then — in physical form. However, such is not always possible, as sometimes occurs in addition to the return of our will.

Returning to the body, do not move for a minute or two. This condition is essential, especially for spontaneous, sudden return.

Recall what they saw in the astral plane and start to recover at the expense of one to five. Open your eyes and stretch.

Rising from his chair, grab pens and write down your impressions. Scrupulously accurate record later will you invaluable service. For example, you may find some fact or story that repeats itself from flight to flight. This will draw the appropriate conclusions or further investigate the situation in the long journey.

Having been in the astral plane, you want as quickly as possible to get there again. It is possible that you will feel regret on what your astral experience is limited outside of the room, while you want to raise the curtain on a great many unknown worlds. In addition, you will want to make sure that what happened was not a dream.

The next trip should be sent no earlier than one day, as the astral output expended a lot of energy, and you need time to recover mental strength. When the output of the astral plane becomes a way of life for you, you can leave the body several times a day. However, in the initial stages of astral experience should not be abused, and gaining the ability to run down their psyche.

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