Mexicos legendary pyramid found the decapitated body




In one of the most mysterious pyramids of Mexican scientists have found the decapitated bodies, allowing scientists call "Pyramid of the Moon" in the city of Teotihuacan place extremely cruel sacrifice to the gods.

Teotihuacan ('the abode of the gods "), located 50 km from the capital of Mexico, Mexico City, is considered the first city built in the Americas. "I can not believe that it was full of symbolism and light grief of the victim — said Saburo Siguyama, one of the archaeologists working on the excavation. — Most likely, the ceremony was a real massacre, when sacrificed people and animals."

Siguyama says that excavations have allowed to find archaeological evidence of one of the most horrific facts of the history of ancient America. According to Reuters, at the site found 12 human bodies and dozens of bodies of animals. 10 people were decapitated and their body parts then are mixed with each other. Two other bodies were richly decorated with beads of human jaws.

In 1500 BC, when the Aztecs found the Teotihuacan, the city for many centuries was abandoned and gradually destroyed. It is still not established that this civilization it has erected. Construction of Teotihuacan Aztecs attributed the race of giants — the mythical ancestor of modern humans. The Aztecs have named the city "The place where men become gods." There is an old legend that Moitesuma — formidable ruler of the Aztecs — not once committed to the ruins of the dead city of tedious pilgrimage for sacrifices to the gods of the sun and the moon that lived, according to legend, on the tops of the great pyramids. At the time of the dawn of civilization in the ancient city lived up to 200 million people — about the same as in the time of Shakespeare's London. Only 1,000 years earlier.

In the 700th year BC Teotihuacan suddenly deserted. Traces of a giant conflagration traced in almost all the later buildings of the city, suggests that the last hours of a long and turbulent life of Teotihuacan were full of genuine drama.

Siguyama difficult to say what kind of civilization it has established. It only indicates that the nearly completed excavations give evidence to suggest that the culture of the city was built around the cult of force.

The central part of the city, including all of the most significant architectural structures is 2.5 kilometers long and a kilometer wide. From north to south all Teotihuacan crosses long (about two miles) and a wide street — Calle de Los Muertos, or the Road of Death. (All names in conditional. They were invented or the Aztecs or archaeologists). At its northern end is a huge array of the Pyramid of the Moon (height — 42 meters), built of mud brick and stone. The design and appearance, it replica of her older sister — the Pyramid of the Sun. The latter is a 5-tiered structure with a flat top, on which there was once a small church. The height of the Colossus — almost 64.5 meters, the length of sides of the base 211, 207, 217 and 209 meters, total — 993,000 cubic meters. It is estimated that it took to build the pyramids work of at least 20,000 people over 20-30 years. The Aztecs, however, believed that the pyramids built race of giants.

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