Military Secret of Igor Prokopenko (06/05/2013) watch online

Military Secret of Igor Prokopenko (06/05/2013) watch online
In this issue applets "Military Undercover with Igor Prokopenko":

— Army, matrix, cyberwar. Beware of people who wear glasses with laptops storm!;
— All the secrets of the famous "Beretta". Exclusive report from Italy;
— In the water, not drowning, in a fire is not burning. New development of Russian designers;
— Underwater town. Unique artifacts of a vanished civilization;
— Prehistoric rocket. Where on Earth gallakticheskoy parts for machinery, which is older than the man;
— Robbery in English. Who stole the gold Russian Empire, and in whose banks it is stored at the moment;
— Rebellious Leningrad. Forgotten pages of the blockade;
— PKK. History of the 1st machine gun;
— Dogfight in extreme conditions. School self-defense;
— Superstar forever. Earthly footsteps of Jesus Christ.

The military secret — a series of programs

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