Ministry of Information — against the will of the People

Today at 12 o'clock in the Supreme Economic Court of Belarus to be held a hearing on the suit of the Ministry of Information to terminate the output of the independent newspaper "Narodnaya Volya". The meeting was officially has the status of a "preparatory". Thus, in the judge's Mayor has an opportunity to help members of the editorial board and the ministry to find common ground.

The Ministry of Information independently without disturbing the existing legislation does not have the right to discontinue the "People's Will". This right rests with the courts. This explains the appeal of the Ministry of the Supreme Economic Court of the country.

The Information Ministry explains that the decision to discontinue the "People's Will" is made in accordance with sub-paragraph 2.2 of paragraph 2 of Article 51 of the Law of Belarus "On Mass Media". Here are referring to the imposition of wording for two years or more written warnings.

First Deputy Chief Editor of "Narodnaya Volya" Kalinkina in a conversation with "Freedom" has confirmed the receipt of warnings from the Ministry of Information:

Our formal warning and even ridiculous …

"But in fact the media law provides that a newspaper can be closed only for serious violations. This, for example, the propaganda of war, religious strife. Such violations in the" People's Will "was not. I would say that our warnings and formal even ridiculous.'s just one example. We printed ad — in which the kiosks can subscribe to the "People's Will" and where the cost of the subscription is less than the post office. name of this material was such a — "Addresses preferential subscription." That's something we issued a warning . the Ministry decided that it was necessary to write not "grace" and "cheaper" subscription ".

Meanwhile, the country collecting signatures in support of the "Narodnaya Volya" and "Nasha Niva". Victor Buzinaev — Chairman of the Bobruisk branch of the United Civil Party — said the "freedom" that the city's pro-democracy forces have collected about 400 signatures to stop the persecution of independent media in Belarus. They were sent by registered mail information minister Oleg Pralyaskouski.

Victor Buzinaev notes wishing to sign the petition is growing, as the number of people who want to know the information without censorship:

"And the people began to call me, because my phone contact. Asks where and possible I subscribe? And we are now two hours a day at the party office accept citizens and collect their signatures. A "People's Will" at the kiosks in the day dismantled. "

11 May a judge of the Supreme Economic Court Victor Kurylo granted the request of the editors of "Nasha Niva" to stop a similar case temporarily — until the publication of the complaint on the third warning.


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