Minsk could be without World Cup 2014

European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek, together with other leading MEPs addressed to the chairman of the International Ice Hockey Federation appeal determine host the World Championship in Minsk, 2014 release of all political prisoners in Belarus.
In his letter, Jerzy Buzek writes:
"The behavior of the Belarusian authorities clearly disqualified, denying privileges to conduct major sporting events such as the World Cup 2014 Championship.
We urge the International Ice Hockey Federation to take appropriate measures to ensure that Lukashenko has not received the international prestige and legitimacy that gives the organization the World Championship in 2014, until it frees all political prisoners. For almost two decades of Belarus ruled by brutal and undemocratic regime of Lukashenko. The European Union and the United States strongly condemned his actions. His regime has arrested hundreds of peaceful demonstrators, including presidential candidates, opposition leaders, journalists, Civil Society, as well as ordinary Belarusians. Hockey championship in 2014 could not be held in Belarus in these harsh conditions. "

In April, a similar appeal to the International Ice Hockey Federation asked the U.S. Senator Since the poles. In a letter he sent Federation leadership, poles called Lukashenko's regime "totalitarian nightmare" and stressed that the tournament could be held in a country where there are people in prison who have tried to take advantage of the fundamental democratic freedoms.

The letter also signed poles Peter Shtsyastny, Slovak hockey player inducted in the Hall of Fame of the National Hockey League which is now is a member of the European Parliament.

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