Minsk legacy accused buldozernyh excavations

Customer society works — utility "Heritage of Minsk." Today, the Ministry of Culture of Belarus took analysis of this case.

Excavator working on Monday near a residential building of the monastery, on the corner of Cyril and Methodius (Building 6), and Herzen Street. Chairman of the Belarusian Voluntary Society for Protection of Monuments of History and Culture Anton Astapovich yesterday at the site was an act of violation of the legislation:

"This is the area of the historical center of Minsk. The historic center

All that is underground in the historic center — is also a historical and cultural value.

Minsk is under the protection of the following categories: buildings and structures, space-plyanirovachnaya structure, landscape and cultural layer. All that is underground in the historic center — is also a historical and cultural value. All excavation work should be carried out here with the permission of the Ministry of Culture and necessarily with previous archaeological research. And with the obligatory presence of an archaeologist, must be the so-called archaeological supervision. Cultural layer is corrupt. "

Today, the Ministry of Culture held a review of the act of Mr. Astapovich in which the offense was recorded. Says Head of Department for Protection of Monuments of the Ministry of Culture Natalia Hvir:

"Today we have come and specialists, archaeologists, that have conduct surveillance. Because the contract with the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences "Minsk heritage" concluded, and archaeologists are on site. But yesterday, when Astapovich was present at the facility, they were not there. But we do not take out a decision that violated the law. This bear or a court or an administrative committee of the Central District. We just preparing materials. I can say that the administrative record is now under preparation. We are making such a protocol. But the deal is finalized, I can not answer that. "

An archaeologist from the Institute of History, Ph.D. Vadim Koshman, working at the facility outside of Cyril and Methodius, 6, said, Now that occur earthworks to strengthen the foundation, without violating the law:

"Layer along the foundations of the foundation for 1-1,5 Maitre — is damaged by what was happening in the building17-18 centuries. He mixed it, there are no complications, which historically. In the 17th century laid these foundations, then ditch zasypavsya. And to establish something there simply is not possible. There, you can only record the nature of the layer and collect findings that got there. That's all. "

Radio Liberty will keep track of how events will unfold around the Bernardine convent in the historic center of Minsk.


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