Miracle: man first took off, waving his hands, wings

March 21, 2012 21:33

Large bird became engineer Jarno Smeets of Holland.

Flies, flies Dutch eagle!

"The Flying Dutchman" — the so-called logical deservedly rewarding humanity Dutch engineer Jarno Smits (Dutch engineer Jarno Smeets), by which it seems to be true — humanity — an old dream: to flap their wings, rise into the sky and there is a free flying stork. In the video, which was recently posted on the Internet, just sealed a dream come true. Accompanied improvised Jarno coming to the park, clings to his wings, running away, waving them, and takes off. Rises into the sky for about 100 meters.

Most of the "audience", of course, decided that they somehow fooled.

Dutchman runs up, waving his hands …

— Yes, on the frame can be seen: the engineer runs, waving his wings and really leaves the ground. But it is not alone though. Perhaps his pull rope. And run in the manner of a kite. The more so that the wings are very for it — like a snake,,-reasoned skeptics.

Particularly acute catch sensed intelligent internet users who remember the history and know a lot about aerodynamics. After all, even Leonardo da Vinci proved that a man with his hands and wings can not fly itself. He did not have the strength. It's too weak and underdeveloped had "breast" — chest muscles by which birds and flying.
Nevertheless, the "Flying Dutchman" took to the skies, flapping wings. And no one would never pulled.
Jarno have, of course, is the secret. It was he who allowed the "washing" of the Leonardo. Even partially.
The engineer came up with the original scheme. He waves his arms, not the wings themselves. This, by the way, much of the footage. Electronics "aware" of his efforts, transfers them to a control signal to the electric motors. And they are already set in motion by the wings, according to the efforts of Jarno. The more intense and more frequent, he waves his arms, so, consequently, faster and more powerful wings flapping commit. That is, the illusion that you fly on their own, complete.

As the bird flies, flapping wings

To convey their "empty trouble hands" on the wings of "The Flying Dutchman", used two smartphones HTC Wildfire S, microcontroller Seeduino, accelerometers and motion sensors on the popular game station Nintendo Wii, Bluetooth and brushless motors Turnigy. All this filling is placed in a small box behind the flyer.

Jarno Smeets 31. "The Flying Dutchman" he began, realizing his project Human Birdwings Project.

 He has already two successful flapping flight.

In the wings — electronic filling

According to rumors, when the results will be quite stable, and rises above the ground — completely safe, the engineer will replicate his technique and sell it to anyone wishing to become a bird. In heaven there will probably be close.

Golandets Jarno Smeets, "The Flying Dutchman". Swoop.

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