Moderate alcohol — a terrible misconception

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To argue that alcoholism is a disease that has long been made. This fact was reported drug treatment for many years to everyone. At the same time all too aware that alcoholics do not become instantly. Modern scientists puzzled matter of turning a man claiming to be a moderate drinker, a habitual drinker, and many unable to stop.

Treatment of alcoholism is meaningless if the patient is not aware of his intemperance. However, the problem starts much earlier than many people think. When the "soul asks," hair of the dog, and there are other serious consequences, it already means the "middle" of the disease. So where is the borderline between the Security dose alcohol, if it exists at all?

We are arranged in such a way that often look for excuses and do not like to admit their mistakes and shortcomings. About one in every three Russians consider themselves moderate drinkers. Drink 2-3 bottles of beer a couple of times a week for many — a common occurrence. At the weekend congratulate someone a happy birthday or celebrate a different holiday and at the same time a little bit too — familiar and not scary.

The leading drug experts of the world with one voice declare that alcohol contributes to the development of a number of misconceptions. The most dangerous of them — the belief in the moderate consumption of alcohol. By the way, even the former alcoholics second exercise. According to them, the moderation in this matter — no more than an illusion and self-deception.


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Until recently ranked as a moderate drinkers who consume 150-400 ml of "fire water" in a month. Range, as can be seen, is very broad. However, the distinction between this category and drinking regularly incredibly arbitrary and illusory. All the matter in the evaluation criteria, and they range from all investigators.

Many people drink "a little bit" in order not to stand out from the team, or to honor a friend. And when the day increasing the dose of a "little bit" hard to say. But narcologists known that he often comes. In addition, each tapping his chest and claims to know the measure. Is it possible at all to talk about it in the case of hazardous and harmful substance?

Natural person to be sober and healthy. You can eat your favorite foods moderately, even use some of them controversial. But the "cultural" and "reasonably" can not be poisoned by poison.

With many stands recently heard appeals learn competently drink. False researchers even point to the positive role of booze in the professional field. Like, a couple of glasses in day — And success in life is provided to you. If you listen to them, it turns out that you need a moderately poisoned, not to become an alcoholic.

But the absurdity of such a claim is obvious. The fact that "moderate drinkers" find pleasure in a glass, contains within itself the basis of dependence. Safe dose alcohol is equal to zero.

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