Mogilev on the Customs Union with Russia and Kazakhstan


Young man"No, it is not suitable to us. For our life it is necessary to stand out in European countries. More united Europe, modern than Russia and Kazakhstan even more so. We have nothing to do in Russia?"

Mr."If Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan will be together, then maybe something good we will be. In Belarus, the natural reserves are too small, so without Russia to compete with other countries — will Stepanida. "

Mrs."If we're there participated equally, it would be nice if we again whipping boys, but this is not good. These states are large, Kazakhstan is a large country, and we are — small unhappy Belarus. Thank God I did not eat the last piece of bread. "

Youth"It's hard to say, maybe it will be good. Prices will be smaller, there will be some benefits, the market will expand, as well — the prices are high, there is no market, the competition … Maybe it is better that we will be, but the rights that are beneficial for Belarus. "

Mr."I think that is necessary. To seventy years were together, we must continue to be. "

Young man"Definitely not. For Belarus — these are additional problems. Some illusory benefits for the state — they do not affect me. If the state needs something from me, serve in the army, it appeals to me, but about my interests neither the president nor the government, in principle, do not ask. "

Mr."I think so. We have established all the connections. From the Soviet Union all began. Yet we some brotherly peoples. Europe again — more capitalistic. No matter how they have shown that they are all good offer, but they do everything for themselves. "

Mr."From Russia — yes, but Russia and Kazakhstan, is a moot point here then. With Europe must work together to have some support side. "

Mr."It would be worth a try. Fraternal same country as saying. Only under favorable conditions for Belarus. "

Mr."I think so. Russia is our native state. No need to move away from it. Well, with Europe also necessary. Not with the same ones they need the union. With all need to try something. "

Mr."It must be very good at thinking. Delve into the whole system. Well, if it has affected our lives, it's good, but if not, then … "

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