More profitable than the introduction of LPG, CNG and LNG as a motor fuel

The more profitable use of LPG, CNG and LNG as a fuelOver the last 10 years in Russia is developing stronger market NGV fuel. Every year the number of gas stations grows. At present, the country built more than 3,000 gas stations and gas-cylinder fuel are higher than the 1st million motorists. What did explain such popularity of CNG and LPG as an alternative fuel?

In 1-x — this reduction of harmful emissions into the environment. The used gases of internal combustion engines in cars that use gas motor fuel, less insecure than car exhaust engines running on fuel oil. When using LPG different carbon oxides, nitrogen, and hydrocarbons in the lower two or three times, they do not contain sulfur. CNG and LNG are now the most environmentally untainted types of motor fuel. Exhaust fumes from the use of such fuel is much less than with mineral oil. When using this fuel emissions of greenhouse gases have become less car traffic by 25 percent.

Another advantage of using gas fuel is to reduce the cost of its acquisition. When compared with gasoline and diesel fuel, the price of LPG is less than 30-50%, and even on CNG 60-70%.
In addition, gas a non-hazardous to use. It is lighter than air, so if a leak is rapidly eroding, which eliminates spontaneous combustion. Also, the auto-ignition temperature of natural gas at even higher than that of gasoline, which may result in leakage to get under car, forming with all this on the ground an explosive mixture with air. A similar mixture of quiet can catch fire light up even just only on static electricity, which can lead to the complete destruction of a vehicle fire.
In the transition to the gas cylinder fuel instead of gasoline, you can easily convert slider. At the current time, these services are provided in almost all service centers. Price per se modernization and re-equipment of motor ranges in the spectrum of 15-28 thousand rubles, but a similar installation is very quickly pays for itself by saving on fuel. Vpribavok, car later be able to work on both gasoline and natural gas, which is very comfortable.

In Russia every year the weight is more developed infrastructure of gas stations and service stations inclusive. Many transport industry have long been used gas motor fuel in their work, with a long and positive experience with. And abroad, even when operating turbine-electric, use liquefied natural gas, which is much reduced energy consumption by railways. A mobile fuellers can solve the problem of refueling agricultural machinery in various small communities pt. Gas fuel is very common to use a public transport, both in the towns and in the country report. Also, fuel profitable to use commercial and municipal companies, which have their own fleets.

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