Moscow: Alabyano-Baltic tunnel (photos)

Author of the report — Andrey Egorov


— What distinguishes man from beast? — Asks Sergey Chebotarev, chief project engineer of the North-West of the chord, associate professor MADI, and he himself answers it. — Aesthetic sense. Man is able to feel the harmony. And to create harmony. Out of the chaos. What we are doing — in fact the struggle against chaos.

The struggle with the chaos unfolded on the site Halabyan-Baltic tunnel being built for years. The tunnel is part of the North-West of the chord — the first of the highways that erupted capital, and allow it to run to get rid of traffic jams and start breathing deeply.

Chebotarev recognizes that in itself chords (north-west, north-east, which will flow toll highway from Moscow to St. Petersburg) and the Southern belt road will not solve the problem completely, but the following runs, while existing only in the minds of the designers are able to in ten years make Moscow suitable for travel by car. Private — that it is important to stress! Because now the main setting of the Moscow government — Replant motorists on public transport. Meanwhile, global experience in other major cities showed that no more than 20% of the population are willing to give up the use of a private car. So it is necessary to build roads.

Good news for motorists is that Halabyan-Baltic tunnel and a chord will open in the first half of 2013. So far, it looks like this:

The opening was postponed several times. First of all, because of the difficult terrain. "Quicksand" was different because if it stick a shovel, it sank under its own weight. As a result, technology has been applied, whereby drilled soil — and gradually replaced by mortar. The photo shows how to drill wells has to do.

I starred in the tunnel. The historical picture. Thirty years later, when the tunnel will be perceived as something quite familiar, it will be possible to show this picture and say, 'Here I am, sons, laying on Alabyano-Baltic. "

By the way, building a tunnel from two sides. Of course, he asked: "And if you do not go? Two tunnels will be? "I was assured that this is impossible, everything is calculated precisely.

Drilling combine. The teeth on the cannon planted surprisingly uneven. But, I suspect, their orientation, number and size as well — clearly calculated.

Baltic Street until the outside looks like this:

"Management Center sinking" for Russia is unique. In Japan, engineers have admitted, maybe there is. Allows you to track the level of deviation to the nearest millimeter. God forbid drilled in the subway — is not good. Therefore, even an error of 0.7 cm is considered to be critical. The Center also monitors the level of water. A lot of headaches brought builders tributary Tarakanovka. We have to monitor that its water is not broken into the tunnel.

According to the chief engineer, if everything is implemented as currently planned and scheduled, traffic will be able to win in 10 years, or about the year 2023. I would like to think positively and believe in the good.

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