Moscow Enterprise Autoframos leads to localize production

Among the foreign automakers have assembly plants in Russia, the highest level of localization to date has reached Moscow plant "Avtoframos" — 75%. Kaluga "Volkswagen Group Rus" for its vehicles purchased from the Russian supplier of 50% of the components, and the St. Petersburg plant, "Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus' reached the localization of 47%, including by forging their own body parts, which is done on the premises. The average level of localization of components for Russian factories "Ford Sollers", "Nissan Manufacturing Rus" and "PSMA Rus" greater than 30%. On the other enterprises that operate in the industrial assembly, localization rate of 15 — 20%, due to the later timing of the realization of their projects. But the level of localization of wagons LADA Largus, produced by AvtoVAZ, currently accounting for 62% of the value of the car, and in the future it will be increased to around 72%.

These and other data on the production and localization of foreign cars are contained in the report "Assembly and localization of foreign cars in Russia", prepared by the analytic agency "AUTOSTAT" for the 6 months of 2013.

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