Moscow joined the top five cities are attractive to retailers

Moscow joined the top five cities in the world by number of international retailers present, according to a new study, "Retail chains: the degree of globalization of business", prepared by a leading international consulting firm CBRE.  

In 2011, Moscow 4th place in the world ranking cities by the number of international brands represented, up from 6th place in 2010. In the Russian capital represented 43.2% of international retailers. London tops the list of cities (55.5% of retailers), followed by Dubai (53.8% of retailers) and New York (43.9% of retailers).

At the end of 2011 strengthened the position of not only capital but also Russia as a whole. In the ranking of the countries is a priority of the development of international retailers Russia ranks eighth, having risen by one point compared to the previous year (44.5% of retailers). First place consistently ranked the United Kingdom (56.7%), followed by the United Arab Emirates (53.1%), followed by the U.S. (50.3%), Spain (47.2%) and China (47.2%).


The study found that retailers have expanded their presence in 2011 — at least one new brand appeared in 74% of countries. Overall the presence of networks in the world grew by 2.1%, repeating the growth rate last year, which once again demonstrates the willingness of retailers to increase the number of its stores, despite changing consumer sentiment.

Commented Andrew Vasyutkin, head of research and consulting company "Magazin in association with CB Richard Ellis»: «Russia and Moscow in particular, every year have strengthened their position in the world ranking of the best markets for retail development. Fast recovery of real estate market in the country after 2008, considerable experience of international companies operating in Russia, as well as the best compared to the same economic conditions Europe, give reason to expect a continuation of the positive trend. "

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