Moscow Metro: test train on the construction of Art. Pyatnitskoe (photo)

For those who can not wait to see what will be the new station.


Author of the report — Alexander "Russos" Popov


On Monday night, the station came Pyatnitskoe test train. Start of Alma-Ata overshadowed the event, but nonetheless. A new section of the Intercession Arbat-line ready to welcome the passengers.

  • (C) Russos, 2011
  • (C) Russos, 2011

1. Traditional laboratory putemer and signaling.

2. The traditional meeting of the train.

3. With the included light station is less than I like, but it looks very unusual due to the architectural design. But for shooting complex — very light top and dark bottom. Especially on the dark side of the station.

4. Checked both ways and dead ends.


6. And leave aside Mitino.

7. Station in all its glory.

8. This station is the sixth in our station, which is on the curve.




12. The whole line in one frame.

13. Fisheye still fine :)


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