Moscow, pestilence registry office in the arch of the bridge of the Picturesque

The report's author — Alexander (Russos) Popov

The story of the egg suspended in the picturesque arch bridge finally nearing completion. As I have wrote, in the ellipsoid is the registrar. But it is not so simple. Let's look at this miracle inside.

1. Halls for weddings will be two: the bottom and the top. I do not know under what conditions the choice.

2. This is the lower hall in the building near the pylon.

3. Elevator hall.

4. Finishing work on the reconstruction and leads Tunnel-2001. First, they broke all the innards, which were made to the failed restaurant. Then build new ones.

5. High-tech registrar. And why not?

6. Severe building. :)

7. Somewhere in the middle of the climb had the idea that we should immediately introduce the tradition: "If the bride drags his bride in his arms on the stairs, then the marriage will mean to" :)

8. Left — the building near the pylon on the right — parking.

9. On the bridge, everything as usual.

10. Communications to the observation deck. WC upstairs will not, because to do on top of the sewer is very difficult and no special meaning.

11. The bridge was still fine.

12. The observation deck at the top.

13. Finish is almost complete.

14. The lower (Technical) in the egg stage. Wiring along the glass — the heating system.

15. Frame for those who are afraid of heights. Lite version.

16. This is the top wedding hall.

17. Soon wait for the young. Opening of the new registrar is scheduled for this summer.

18. And the weather in Moscow yesterday was disgusting.

19. Snow and snow.

20. All gray.

21. The best view is from the top! But here just to let the young will not be :)




25. Summer pictures from the bridge you can see here.

26. The best view of the arch.

27. Garden community "boatman". By the way, before the checkpoint, "Rechnik" hangs a huge poster that growers maintain some kind of course EP. o___O?




31. Uni
que elevators.

32. Kiss! :)

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