Moscow Refinery started producing diesel Euro 5

Moscow Oil Refinery "Gazprom oil" started production of diesel fuel to the 5th class of the Technical Regulations of the Russian Federation on the quality of motor fuels.

  • installation of diesel hydrotreater LP-24-2000 at the Moscow Refinery
  • installation of diesel hydrotreater LP-24-2000 at the Moscow Refinery

Release of diesel grade 5, which is significantly superior to the environmental characteristics analogues lower classes started at 2.5 years earlier than foreseen by the technical regulations. From June 2013 to Euro-5 will fit all diesel supplied by the Moscow refinery to the Russian market. It is planned that in June of this volume will be about 140 thousand tons.

Issue diesel Euro 5 started after reconstruction in the refinery hydrotreating diesel LP-24-2000 power 2 million tons year. 

As part of the project has been replaced main equipment, launched a new wave hydrotreating efficiency of 90%, thus increasing the turnaround time of up to four years. Installation of an additional reactor was done. Its commissioning allowed to reduce the sulfur content in the produced fuel to 10 ppm, which is 35 times lower than that of the fuel third class, currently permitted for circulation in the Russian Federation. From April 2012, the refinery produces motor fuels are not below grade 4.

"Gazprom Neft" actively engaged in the modernization of the Moscow refinery, significantly improving the quality of the fuel produced. Transition to production of oil grade 5 will provide consumers with the central regions of the country's diesel fuel to the highest standards, reducing the amount of harmful vehicle emissions and improving the ecological situation in the major cities. In the near future we will extend the range produced by the fuel high environmental classes, starting the production of gasoline Euro-5 "- said the deputy director general for processing and marketing of" Gazprom oil "Anatoly Cherner.

 May 28, 2013.

"Gazprom Neft" 2015 will invest 50 billion rubles in modernization of the Moscow Oil Refinery

"Gazprom Neft" adopted a medium term investment program of the Moscow Refinery. From 2013 to 2015, the company will invest in the modernization of the enterprise more than 50 billion rubles, which will implement large-scale projects to improve the quality of oil products, increasing the depth of oil refining, reducing the environmental impact on the environment and energy efficiency of the plant.

In the medium-term investment program in 2013 is planned to put into operation the isomerization of light naphtha hydrotreating and catalytic cracking gasoline. There will also be the second stage of reconstruction of a diesel hydrotreater LP-24-2000. As a result, Moscow Refinery fully switch to production of gasoline, the relevant class 5 of the Technical Regulations of the Russian Federation. The share of diesel grade 5 will exceed 75% of the total volume of diesel fuel produced at the refinery. The next year, the plant will complete the second phase of the reconstruction of the primary oil refining CDU-AVT-6, which will significantly increase the production of high-octane gasoline and diesel fuel.

One of the key activities of the investment program will be the beginning of the construction of the combined plant oil processing capacity of 6 million tons per year. The new complex will bring together today running on three separate plants manufacturing processes high-octane gasoline components, both summer and winter diesel fuel. The result of the implementation of this ambitious project, to be completed in 2017, will be the implementation of the Moscow refinery-the-art technology, improving plant availability, safety, production processes, and improve environmental performance.

In 2013, at the refinery will start construction of a bitumen modification, intended for the production of 60 thousand tons of polymer-modified bitumen and 7 tons of bituminous emulsions year. This will greatly increase the production of asphalt products meeting the highest international quality standards.

Moscow Refinery is also planning to implement a number of projects aimed at reducing the environmental impact and energy efficiency of the enterprise. In 2013, the plant will be rehabilitated for sulfur, installation of water purifier, central air compressor (CVC) and the air compressor (VC-3), the objects of the external and internal power supply. The plant is planned to introduce a system of supply of natural gas. All this will help to reduce and stabilize the border of the sanitary protection zone of the plant and significantly improve the environmental situation in the South-East of Moscow.


"Gazprom Neft-Moscow Oil Refinery" — a subsidiary of the company "Gazprom Neft". The installed capacity is 12.15 million tons of oil a year. The company manufactures automotive gasoline, diesel, marine and aviation fuel, fuel oil, high-octane additive to motor gasoline, bitumen and gas for various purposes. The plant provides about 40% of the demand for petroleum products in the Moscow region. Since 2009, at the Moscow Refinery-scale program of modernization, the total amount of funding for which 2020 will exceed 130 billion rubles. Implemented modernization program aimed at improving the quality of oil products, increasing the depth of oil refining, improving production and environmental performance of the enterprise.

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