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Our body gives us a signal of impending illness is during sleep! Usually this is a sign that the disease is already present in us, we just do not feel its symptoms. Often in dreams we "show" of the future location of ailments.

In any dream book is written, raw meat to dream about the disease. And so, although the reason no one knows. There are other "signs": dreams, where the presence of blood, fighting, animal bites, teeth falling out, fires and burns. These dreams are usually heavy and catchy.

Sometimes sleep ahead of affliction — a week or more and may be a harbinger of not only physical but also mental illness. For example, if you have a family conflict dragged on, you overdo and you face a nervous breakdown. In this case, may dream that you are late for the train, got lost and can not find the exit. In this dream, you can pursue, and you — get away with "padded" feet.

You suffocate? Check the heart! Most heart attack on the eve of people dream that their scents, they can not dodge a blow to the chest, wearing very tight clothing in the chest struck by lightning.

Diseased liver and pancreas can cause images in which a person eats or sees spoiled food — fish, meat, rotten fruit. Gastro-intestinal diseases precede dreams of injury to the stomach, surgery, labor pains.

If danger threatens the respiratory system, you can experience the dream burial alive, it would seem that you can not come up to you or someone sits on the chest.

Aching joints and spine honking dream that you are in chains, beaten with sticks, you wear tight shoes, you can not get up, carrying impossibly heavy, standing in front of someone in his lap.

Always a dangerous nightmares? Optional. Cny have a multi-dimensional value. They can not only predict the future, but also to exhume and long otbolevshee.

For example, a few years ago, a man got into a car accident. Then one day he walks down the street and saw the same car that hit him once. His subconscious is noted and horrified anew. As a result, at night a person sees himself bandaged … But the problem does not happen, it has already happened long ago. Because the analysis of dreams must be treated carefully. Before you fear for the future, to make excursions into the past.

What dreams you need to pay attention to? A person should think about their health when dreams have changed: it was often dream about something bad, I had not seen before.

On the recurring dreams, "scrolling" is the same story, your subconscious is trying to direct your attention to some important detail or event that you have overlooked.

But there is another option. In people who are prone to a tragic perception may be repeated unreasonable anxiety dreams. Then you need to think about is how to "pull the splinter" — tobish get rid of anxiety.

Battery News, 03.12.2004 13:16
Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda

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