Moscow warns

Moscow warns
In the Russian Federation there are no other levers of influence on the U.S., not counting reminders own military power

Someone surely deems ordinary coincidence. But when these coincidences are so dramatically in sight, then consider their common language is not rotated.

U.S. President Barack Obama calls on Congress to grant him the right to bypass the UN Security Council decision to strike targets Syrian regime for the introduction of chemical weapons against its own population. Russian President Vladimir Putin at this time giving an interview to Channel One and agency Associated Press, which states that our motherland can agree with the U.S. military operation against Syria, but 2-of «fundamental circumstances»: only in the UN Security Council and only if U.S. to provide clear evidence that the Syrian government conducted specifically chemical attack near Damascus.

In those days of Strategic Rocket Forces of the Russian Federation began destination command and staff training to manage their forces and means. And so massive that the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel-General Sergei Karakayev not even appeared on a conference call at the Central Command General Staff Fri, which spent last Tuesday Defense Minister Gen. Sergei Shoigu.

With all this enhanced group of Russian warships in the eastern Mediterranean, and a Russian radar systems of missile warning, located near Armavir, timed test-firing Israeli target missiles to Syria with a South American ship in the waters of the same Mediterranean Sea. It officially declares Moscow, and the Pentagon and the IDF for several hours in a row led by the nose world public opinion, pretending that they do not understand anything about it. And he and the other fact suggests that military pressure on Damascus and that lasts Our homeland shows its military might, trying to avoid unnecessary for her large-scale war.

Even without much exaggeration, we can say that in this volatile region of the planet in the last days of very serious clash between the interests of not only the Arab world, and the leading countries. And Moscow is eager to show all its geopolitical partners that without her, without her consent here, as in other parts of the planet, can not be solved any significant issue. Unfortunately, it can not affect the United States for its economic and financial abilities. Our homeland in this case China, which is also the UN Security Council opposed the bombing of Damascus. But in his mound the address on Capitol does not sound the same harsh criticism as the address in our country. In a relationship with him do not take any breaks. Shall be removed not meet his favorite. Not least because Chinese banks have bought the lion’s share of U.S. debt, and the products of Chinese electric light and industry flooded the South American trading networks. Slightly sharp move to Beijing — and Washington may regret this.

With respect to the RF similar constraints no leverage. Only the power of nuclear-missile weapons, which Washington and its partners and NATO allies must reckon. Even if they did not they say this out loud. But how annoying it may sound, never fought troops RVSN — is a reliable deterrent against at least some military pressure, but not a very good arm in the political and geopolitical problems. Looking for other levers and incentives. Strong economy, strong, not dependent on U.S. banks and financial system are closely integrated with the global manufacturers of advanced highbrow products, strong in international division of labor. And not only able to influence the commodity markets. When the RF will such levers of the teachings of the Strategic Missile Forces will be less likely to remember.

From the editors of «NG»

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