Motorized infantry SOUTH learn new and upgraded examples of IWT

At the training complex Guardsman, Kalinowski and Alpine with military infantry brigades stationed in Chechnya, conducted field studies to test the skills of modern combined arms, the development of new and upgraded weapons and military equipment (AME), including those equipped with automated systems fire control.
In particular, the crews of the T-72BM perform complex exercises target practice, improving the shooting skills of emerging and moving ground and low-flying air targets.
The personnel of mechanized infantry units developing new BTR-82A, which are equipped with the tower of the new model, equipped with stabilizers and modern guidance system and aiming. Out of the car, equipped with a more powerful engine, it is possible to deliver aimed fire at full speed against ground and air targets.
Snipers and grenade throwers improve their skills in proper selection and firing positions, secretive movement, surveillance and reconnaissance purposes, firing at various distances, day and night, in all weather conditions, from sniper rifles SVD and SV-97, manual anti-RPG-7 and the automatic mounted grenade launcher AGS-17. They will get a full understanding in the performance of tasks.
All activities are conducted combat training from a difficult tactical situation, characteristic of real combat conditions.
In just two months of the school year 2013 with the personnel of mechanized infantry formations deployed in Chechnya, held more than 700 fire drills and exercises performed about 500 training and test firing of a staff of small arms and combat vehicles, more than a third of them — at night.

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