Move programs from the F-35 Senator McCain described as messy

At the moment, in Fort Worth at the industrial sites of Lockheed Martin F-56 are 35 in various stages of assembly. But analysts believe that by fine-tuning of aircraft will need a few million bucks, before they entered service.

Already, the F-35 has become the most expensive applets arms of the United States. It is estimated at 385 billion dollars. But this figure may Strength as fighter require "fixes that will cost millions."

Plane is built with the introduction of the most challenging stealth technology, but as shown by the initial flight tests of the fighter models have design flaws. Among them, the cracks in composite and iron parts of a fighter. In addition only by June 2015 will be created this software.

Speaking in the Senate on December 15, John McCain, the Republican senator from Arizona, described the move programs from the F-35 as "messy". McCain is upset that the price of the aircraft from the initial 69 million rose to 133, programm tests carried out by only 20% (but, The Pentagon has already allocated funds for the construction of the first 90 fighters), the fact that the program block plane (providing up to 80% capacity F-35) Will not be ready in 4 years.

The Pentagon accused McCain that the department is trying to get "immature plane, having the highest technological risks. " According to the policy, the development of F-35 new technologies, and their integration are "risky", with all this, the production processes are still "immature."

In April the Government Accountability Office of the United States stated that F-35 before 2016 need to be made "about 10 thousand change." Further, the document states that there is a need to expand the development and testing applets, which in turn will extend the creation of this aircraft until 2018

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