MSSZ laid 2nd boat for the Navy and the passenger ship Volgar

Moscow shipbuilding and ship-repair factory was a very important and significant event — the keel of the second worker-crew onboard boat project 21770 "Qatran" (head number 093).

The delivery of this boat will be made to the JSC "Center of ship repair" asterisk "for the needs of the Navy of Russia. The designer of the boat was JSC "Central Marine Design Bureau" Almaz ". Spiny dogfish is designed to provide and maintain the daily operations of the carrier ship at anchor, raid the parking lot and in the database. Dimensions boats allow its transportation by sea, road, rail and air transport. Possible to harness the boat on all navigable inland waterways. The main characteristics of the boat:

  • Class: Workers traveling onboard a boat with inflatable elastic sides
  • Overall length is 9.12 m
  • Width of 3.32 m
  • Draught 0.67 m
  • Travel speed 32uz.
  • Cruising range of 100 miles
  • Autonomy 1sut.
  • The crew of two people.
  • Main propulsion 2 x 232kW DG


Also today, the laying of the keel of the passenger ship "Volgar". Motor vessel will be built under the project of "Zelenodolsk Design Bureau".
The customer is FSUE "NPTSAP" to them. Academician NA Pilyugina branch "Plant" Zvezda "to carry scientists and staff of the research institute of the island Seliger.

Durable and efficient main engines of ship power plant of German manufacture. High maneuverability is achieved through a two-shaft propulsion system and the thruster in the bow. Ship is being built by the Russian River Register.

Key Features:

  •  RRR class: + 'On A 0.2 "
  •  Length 32.24 m / 29.9 m at DWL
  •  Width, 5.9 m
  • Draft 0,7 m
  • Total displacement of 90 tons
  • The speed 8 knots.
  • Range, 310 miles
  • Endurance, half day.
  • The crew / passengers, 2 chel/140 people.
  •  Main propulsion: 2GD x 89

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