MSU scientists took pictures of aliens?

October 27, 2011 11:00

Experts have found why the 7 kilometers from Narofominsk figure surpasses the number of accidents

Unravel the secret of the anomalous zone on 66-69-th km of the Kiev highway! It turns out that the cause of many car accidents in the area are really strong electromagnetic disturbance, the trip to the moment the consciousness of drivers. With the "MK" was contacted at the Department of combined arms tactical training and military education faculty of Moscow State University Eugene Rodimin and told a really fantastic story, which is good except for the scenario of the mystical thriller "The X-Files."

So, on October 9 of this year, a group of scientists from the State University of military and biological faculties left to conduct field research in the abandoned village of Medyn region Kaluga region. The purpose of the trip was to study the effect of the moon on the activity of the brain. For reasons of clarity needed a place away from the city center and industrial areas, where there is no influence of extraneous electromagnetic radiation.

However, to the Kaluga region in the evening, scientists have not reached: they stopped the strange circumstances that happened on the way to Kiev highway.

— Suddenly, near the village of Kiev one of our scientific staff member felt a headache and nausea — recalls Rodimin. — A graduate student from Sasha dizzy. I had to stop the car. And here … in front of you, we saw mounted on the side of the poster: "WARNING! Anomalous zone! 66-69-th km. Slow down! 20 dead. " The poster — great photos of mangled cars. In less than 10 minutes as 20 meters away from us two cars collided. Fortunately, the damage was minor — only slightly get crushed bumpers. I walked over to the car, where the driver was a pale driver — blame the accident.

Burns on the tree

— Are you ill? Need some help? — I asked.

— No, it's all over. I do not understand what happened to me. Something flashed before my eyes, a kind of shroud, shut down for a second …

While we were talking, a traffic jam on the highway. It was found that only 150 meters from us facing another four cars collided. There were no casualties, but the cars get crushed thoroughly. Had to call a wrecker.

In general, experts on electromagnetism in this mysterious place as if God himself sent. Putting aside for a while to study lunar waves, they decided to check out the waves of another kind.

At Moscow State University Mikhail sets the camera in front of "Kozyrev mirrors".

— A special detector electromagnetic field we have been able to fix the so-called double-pulse increased disturbance. And both times — in the place of the accident — said Rodimin. — Subsequent to the study of the field on the road we decided to study and photograph the infrared one hundred meters from the highway. Here pulse detector showed even stronger than on the highway (and if the track laid in this place?). Across trees with strange injury: if the barrel hit a beam and left a burn about five meters above the ground.

Then in the evening, when the sky appeared a growing moon, scientists have found the camera in a clearing and began to take pictures of the space in the infrared region using the "Kozyrev Mirrors."

Imagine their surprise when viewing them on the next day, they saw the image of the country "phantoms" (see photo).



— What is it? We do not know — explains Rodimin. — But there is a hypothesis. One of them suggests that we are seeing symptoms in the mirror effect known in physics as the "Casimir effect". And phantoms observed — is the "guests" of the parallel worlds. Another hypothesis is more realistic. It is known that all the processes around us are accompanied by electromagnetic radiation. And the radiation propagating in the infinite space, leaving their indelible marks. Clarity trace depends on the strength of the radiation. "Read" a track you can, if it gets reflected wave and the same frequency.



In the region of the anomalous zone, where we have fixed phantoms during the war were heavy fighting. Extreme situations and stress experienced by dying soldiers, could be preserved and appear before his contemporaries. The question remains: how to burn trees? It is unlikely that they could leave the harmless phantoms. Perhaps they are quite terrestrial origin. But who knows — is not interested in whether the anomalous zone someone else ..



In the picture number 1 — 21 h 59 min. — See the object "tadpole"-like snout of a small animal, peering curiously at the camera.

In the picture number 2 — 22 h 21 min. — Falling drops — "meteorites."

In the picture number 3 — 22 h 30 min. — Focus on an object in the form of bulk spiral, he still, as can be seen quite dramatically.

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