MTS has built a network of fixed-line telephony in Central Russia


The company "Mobile TeleSystems" (MTS) has summed up the development of fixed-line network in the Central Federal District in 2011, a result of the operation of the fixed Internet access and digital television services are available to residents of the MTS 300 thousand new apartments.

In 2011, MTS announced the construction of large-scale fixed network technology FTTB (Fiber-to-the-Building — «fiber to the home") in Smolensk, Voronezh, Vladimir, Tambov, Tver, Ryazan, Kaluga, as well as in the Ivanovo , Kursk, Oryol regions. In particular, MTS has provided a modern network of more than 52 million households Orel. Moving on FTTB technology provides the ability to provide Internet access services at speeds up to 100 Mbit / s and broadcast virtually unlimited number of channels.

In 2012, MTS plans to continue building a network based on FTTB technology for expanding coverage in cities where MTS is already providing fixed-line services, and to expand into new markets. Also at the 2012 MTS planned digitization of television technology DVB-C and hence an increase in the number of broadcast channels and the development of new interactive services. Will be available to subscribers of services such as video on demand, electronic program guide (EPG), digital TV connection via built-in TV CAM-module (without the need to install a modem), etc.

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