MTS has introduced a 3G connection in the villages of Saratov Region

"Mobile TeleSystems" (MTS) has expanded coverage of the third generation in the Saratov region. MTS 3G network has provided an extra few dozen small towns population of 500 to 2 thousand people in Krasnokutsk, Osinski, Romanovsky, Engels, Resurrection and Petrovsky districts.

Among the localities in which there was communication 3G, Usovka village (population 583 people), Lipovka village (population 987 people), Dyakovka village (population 1,550).

In addition, the operator has increased the coverage and capacity of existing networks in Saratov, in the village of Jubilee, in Engels, Atkarsk, Tatischevo, as well as in the village of Summer.

"The volume of Internet traffic transferred daily to the subscribers of MTS 3G network in the Saratov region, has grown since the beginning of the year more than 40%. At the same time we are witnessing the growth of consumption of the mobile Internet, not only in big cities but also in rural areas, where the MTS is active construction of the network. We continue to expand coverage 3G, to make advanced telecommunications services available to MTS for each inhabitant of the region, including for people living in remote regional centers of human settlements ", — said the director of MTS in the Saratov Oblast Vladimir Baygush.

According to the company, high-speed internet access in the MTS 3G network today secured the territory, which is home to more than 90% of the population of the Saratov region.
On the IP-enabled transferred 60% of the MTS network in Saratov and Engels. Until the end of 2012, the IP-enabled planned to transfer 100% of base stations MTS in all cities with a population of over 150 million people and up to 70% of the equipment in small towns and rural areas, which will further improve the quality of voice services and increase the speed of mobile Internet.

MTS — the largest number of subscribers mobile phone operator in Russia and the CIS, with over 100 million subscribers in Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia and Belarus. The company also provides fixed-line and cable TV in all federal districts of Russia, Ukraine and Armenia.

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