MTS has opened the first 3G-ready data center

The new data center MTS, created to meet the needs of the future of the third and fourth generation, was opened today 

According to Ivan Zolochevsky, CEO of "MTS Ukraine", the third generation carries with it an unexpected "surprise" in the form of a traffic signal, the volume of which often increase when compared with the networks of 2G. Together with sharply increasing consumption of mobile data traffic subscribers — this is one of the main reasons that dictate the need for a new data center operator.

By the way, do not doubt the MTS emergency licenses in touch 3G. "We are confident that next year's launch of 3G will happen" — said Oleg Prozhivalsky, director of corporate governance and control of MTS. Leonid Kravchuk said that 20 years ago there was a similar situation and the required frequency of the military "had to pick tough, strong-willed decision." The first president reiterated the readiness if necessary to engage in the process of organizing the auction 3G-frequency current president to sign the petition, etc.

From a technical point of view, the new data center MTS corresponds to Tier III, is designed for maximum power up to 3 MW, of which IT equipment has 1.6 MW. As explained by the correspondent «proIT» Anatoly Klimashevsky, Director of "MTS Ukraine" on information technology to provide a new facility powered MTS had to build a new transformer station and transfer it to the municipality, by using only a portion of its power. After the commissioning of the new facility, available to MTS now has two data center for network management — on Victory Avenue and Darnytsya industrial area. Between these two objects organized replication of channels using excess bandwidth. Anatoly Klimashevsky assured that even in the event of complete failure of one of the objects, it will not affect the performance of MTS, the functioning of billing systems, etc.

The CIO also confirmed the intention to hand over part of the new MTS data center to rent. According to him, out of 6 new object server room 3 MTS used for their own needs, one is ready for rental and 2 are ready for the level of physical infrastructure, but not yet "settled" equipment.

Brief technical characteristics of the new data center MTS:

• Project electric power data center is 1.6 MW for the IT systems, the total energy consumption of the data center can reach 2.5 … 3 MW.
• The level of reliability and availability of life-support systems data center — not lower Tier III (idle time is not more than 1.6 hours per year) according to the international standards of the data center.
• The capacity of DWDM-tract between data centers MTS Ukraine has made:
— for IP networks(LAN) — two channels with capacity expandable to 400 Gb / s each. The data is transmitted in two geographically spaced channels, built on the basis of its own fiber-optic lines. System Manufacturer — Cisco Systems.
— Network for the transmission and storage(SAN) — two channels spaced along the routes with capacity expandable to 256 GB / s each. System Manufacturer — ADVA.
• The client network data storage and processing equipment is based on Brocade, providing 760 client ports with an option to expand to more than 1.5 million units.
• The core of the LAN network is implemented on the basis of equipment Juniper, including firewalls.
• Aggregation and access the LAN implemented on the basis of the equipment HP.
• Balancing the network is provided with the equipment F5.

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