Multicellular processors — the next generation of computing devices

The current situation in the market and DSP processors, as well as the authority of the major players in this market, it seems unshakeable. And new is happening there, they and all the sensations and the "new words in the technique," we used to hear from there. The brighter the feeling was the author of these lines — a kind of ecstatic shock when he found out about the project "Multiclet": development, mass production and marketing of multicellular processors built on the basis of high-performance processor cores with a fundamentally new architecture and minimal power consumption. And this fundamentally new multicellular architecture, which gives significant advantages, not created somewhere in Silicon Valley and not in Zelnograde and the Urals, Yekaterinburg.
First reaction may be, does this one do? But here, he met with the description, the architecture, the principle of work (calculations), and then with the results achieved by the implementation of this type of processor — is serious, large backlog, everything really. Powered by the company, has a team of professionals. And, as they say, God forbid, rather everything to do and bring to market a domestic processor with revolutionary features that open up completely new perspectives and principles of electronics. And the fact that it is not private, but a promising product, supported by patents and a number of national and international awards, is very prestigious and reputable forums.

Read the article published in the journal "Components and Technologies":

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