Museum of the History of the tractor

In Cheboksary, the home of industrial tractors coming down the assembly line "Promtractor" I was lucky enough to visit the unique non-state Science and Technology Museum of the History of tractor:

2. The museum was established on the initiative of the President of Concern "Tractor plants" Michael Bolotin, and his organization has been supported by the Russian Engineering Union.

3. Group management has put in front of the museum ambitious goal — to build the world's largest collection of tractors of various plants, as well as a collection of models and mock-ups of those tractors that are impossible to find.
Home … in the old days when there were no tractors, helping people to do the heavy work horse.

4. The first tractor, the first large construction projects.

5. Layout tractor first or one of the first


7. Museum area is 1500 m2 and includes open and closed exhibition.


9. Bulldozer T-330.
It is with this car 36 years ago began the history of Cheboksary industrial tractors.


11. Over one hundred years of development of the industry tractors bulky hulking machines that require large amounts of fuel and considerable human effort turned into mobile agents, without which no sector of the economy.


13. The former gym housed 18 restored tractors.

14. Each piece is unique tractor museum, including from overseas and brought "McCormick", released in 1936 in Chicago.





19. Altai in the section.



22. This model tractor is not released, but the track will continue to order.



25. Tractor from childhood, early on each construction project was such.

27. One of the restored tractors brought, and he drove off.
Very interesting museum if you are in Cheboksary — be sure to visit the Science and Technology Museum of the tractor.


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